Estiades the great Priestesses

Priestesses of the Roman goddess Hestia (Vesta), who kept the sacred flame in the temple of the goddess. The E. came from Roman aristocratic families and had to serve the goddess for 30 years, during which time they remained virgins. If they violated this condition they were punished with death by burying them alive. Four initially and later six in total, their main task was to maintain the sacred fire on the altar of the goddess. They enjoyed great respect in ancient Rome: a rod always went before them, everyone gave way to them, and if they met a chained criminal on the road, that person was set free. The Hestiades were priestesses of the Roman goddess Hestia (Vesta). In the photo, statue of Hestiada located in the ancient market of Rome.

Hestiades, aἱ (A) [estia]
the virgin priestesses in the temple of the goddess Hestia in Rome.


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