Eternal Baby Witch from Germany

Hej everyone!

I’m Melanie, 26 -year-old Feminist Witch from Bremen, Germany.

If always been interested in everything witchy, crystals, tarot and other forms of divination, the moon and stars, old rituals and traditions and what energies we can’t understand surround us everyday. I grew up with it because my lovely grandma knows so much about all that and taught me many things. We are very close, spend hours talking about life and beyond, and as a child she often gifted me my crystals and my first pendulum and deck of tarot chards.

While it’s always been a part of my life, I haven’t always been very commited because , you know, life happens and depression and anxiety sometimes make you lose interest in the things you love. I guess, I’m an eternal baby witch, since I’ve been into the topic for about 20 years, but I’m still at the beginning right now.

Since last year, I rediscovered my witchy passion and I’m eager to lern more! So I’m very excited to have found spells8 because I really love how it’s set up and I hope to make some friends here along the way. :slight_smile:

I think I am an agnostic eclectic witch, but most off all I’m a Feminist Witch ready to hex the patriarchy! :crystal_ball: :sparkles:

Lots of love


Hi Melanie, lovely to meet you!

Spells8 is a great place for that, I’m happy you found your way here :blush:

I’m also German :smile: I’m from Lübeck, but I live in Brussels at the moment. I’ve lived in Bremen for nearly 5 years actually! I haven’t been there in such a long time though; but I’m guessing the Schnoor is still as cute as its always been?


That’s a Fire introduction!!! :fire: :fire: I loved it!!

Welcome @melewho!! It’s great to have you here!

That’s awesome that you got your first pendulum from your grandma!! I got my first pendulum lesson from my uncle (but I had to buy my own!) :laughing: and my first Oracle deck from a coworker…!

We are all eternal baby witches here! The Dunning-Kruger effect definitely applies to the Craft so learning is never over!! :books:

Feel free to explore the forum and comment on any topic you’re interested in!

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A very warm welcome to you, @melewho! :heart:

And greetings to another witch in Europe- hello from Poland! :wave: :grin: I’m so happy your path has led you here, you are very welcome and we are blessed to have you join us! :sparkling_heart:

Heck yeah! :raised_hands: The world needs more Feminist Witches- I love your energy! :sparkles:

Please feel free to reach out in the forums anytime you have tips, questions, or experiences you’d like to share! :open_book::two_hearts:

It is a pleasure to meet you- Blessed Be! :heart:

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Greetings from Canada @melewho

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This is the story of my life. I frequently become disenchanted by every day life and fall into funks. I find the best thing for me to do is stick to daily meditations, even when I’m feeling less-than-excited about it. I sit at my altar at least 10 minutes everyday and as of recently, started listening to the guided meditations Spells8 sends out in emails. It really helps reconnect and ground you and hopefully helps bring back the passion and intent we all need in our Craft.

I also have a few Spotify playlists saved with guided meditations and Wiccan-leaning chants if anyone is interested. For me, guided spellwork and meditation is extremely helpful.


Hello! Nice to meet you :slight_smile: Since you mentioned Feminist Witch have you read “Witch: Unleashed. Untamed. Unapologetic” by Lisa Lister? It is a definite feminist witchy book and I think you would enjoy it!


No, but I just looked it up- it’s got great reviews and looks like an amazing read! :heart_eyes: :open_book: This is exactly my type of book- thank you so much for the recommendation! :grin:

Things have been crazy busy, so unfortunately I haven’t been doing much reading lately. I’m slowly making my way through Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon and it is amaaaazing- so many detailed, powerful, female leads in the story! Plus magic and dragons- if you like fantasy books, I highly recommend it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Witch Unleased is absolutely going on my to-read list- thanks again! :books::two_hearts:

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