Face cream essential oils

In true me fashion I am going to jump in and make body and face cream.

I have coconut oil and am getting jojoba oil and camelia seed oil.
I am 51 with combo skin.

What are some fabulous essential oils to add to the face cream? If you have suggestions for the body cream too. That would be great.

I am placing an order today or tomorrow for the oils. :slight_smile:


I have made all of these, I especially like the rose one for the face — frankincense and Rose oils - I am combo skin, 57/yo. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I use a body cream from a creator in Canada called Loved by Hollis. I was acquaintances on our breast cancer journeys a few years ago and she passed away and her husband created a whole line of products to carry on her legacy. It’s pricey though. :purple_heart:


@Phoenix_Rose as @jan_TheGreenWitch said rose and frankincense. But here are a few others that will also help …lavender, neroli, carrot seed, clary sage, patchouli, and tangerine


Thank you Christeena. Do you put a preservative in your creams?


Vitamin E helps preserve them plus makes your skin feel wonderful.


As someone with very sensitive skin, I don’t usually add essential oils to face creams/lotions, but I do love infused oils! Dandelion, calendula, lavender, etc give very subtle but nice scents when infused :blush:

That being said, my mother made a homemade dandelion salve earlier this year and used patchouli essential oil- it basically started a war over the scent :joy: Some people love very musky, earthy smells while other people detest them lol.

So I guess when choosing a scent for beauty products, it seems (at least in my experience) that the floral scents (lavender, rose, etc) tend to be more easily accepted than more earthy scents.

Whatever you choose, I hope that you’re able to find some great scents for your creams! Good luck and blessed crafting, @Phoenix_Rose! :raised_hands: :sparkles:


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