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Following from my post about visiting the holistic centre yesterday, i wondered if anyone could give me abit of information or insight…

When doing reiki, the lady said I had guides from all walks standing around me: Egyptian, Indian, angels, someone called Padre Pio and a chinese figure.

She focised on the last saying that they were telling me that i must look into chinese face reading/mapping as I would have a talent for it.

I have never heard of this. Has anyone else had experience of this or does anyone practice this?

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I wonder if it’s similar to palmistry at all? :thinking: Very interesting, I don’t know much about it but you’ve definitely peaked my interest! :grinning:

There’s a Chinese Astrology website with a guide to Face Reading (link here)- that makes it sound like a practice closer to TCM and acupuncture (using points) than reading lines like palmistry. All in all, it’s very interesting!

Thank you for sharing about it, Alan- I hope someone here more experienced with face reading will have more to share! I will be watching along and learning too :pray: :eyes:


Maybe you can find some additional sources here. On Amazon search on “Taoist Face Reading” or Google “Mien Shiang”. There are a number of books and even courses on the subject. Good luck.


I did a little digging andnfoind that it is similar to palmistry but on the face. Different facial areas represent different aspects of life, similar to the 12 houses of astrology.

Photo from Face Reading, Free Chinese Physiognomy Techniques to Know Personality

There is also face mapping which looks at the skin of the face to determine possilble.bodily imbalances. The presence of redness, dry skin, pimples in a specific area could indicate an issue with the associated body part

Photo from Face Mapping: Can You Use It to Improve Your Skin's Health?


Thanks for this. I am going to investigate it firther as it seems quite interesting to me.


That is really neat and extremely interesting! Especially since some of the Facial Houses (probably not the official term for them, but you know what I mean!) align with or share similarities with the Astrological Houses- The Second House of Taurus and money/possessions, The Third House of Gemini (aka The Twins), The Fourth House of Cancer and family/marriage, The Sixth House of Virgo and health/wellbeing, etc.

I know I don’t have the entire picture, but from looking at the two side by side, it makes me feel that practices are aligning, and that makes me so excited! When different people in different places find that the same thing works, it becomes all the more worth studying, at least in my eyes :grinning:

Ohhh neat! :grinning: It reminds me a bit of ear acupuncture or foot reflexology- certain parts of the body are believed to provide a smaller version of the whole and can be used to diagnose/treat the entire body. Again, not something I know much about, but I like that it ties back into the idea that everything is connected :handshake: :tree_of_life: As Above, So Below :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you again for sharing this, Alan- I’m really enjoying learning about it! :heart:


This is interesting. My cheeks always get red, so I looked on the face and it’s number 6! Ya’ll know I have stomach problems. I’m going to look into this.


Does this mean I’ve never really had body imbalances? I find that hard to believe. :thinking: Or is that just my brain telling me that something always has to be wrong with me? :joy:

Also, how does this work when most people use skincare products and everything to ensure these things don’t appear? Or even get basic cosmetic procedures done to balance features and whatnot? (Sorry if those are stupid questions – both a skincare product and face-reading noob, here. So I just assume skincare is basically magick that I haven’t dived into yet.)


Great questions. I really dont know the answers I’m afraid. This is not something that i practice or know much about. It was a woman who did my reiki that said a chinese spirit was standing by my head and over my face. She suggested I looked into it. Before Wednesday this week, I had never heard of it.


I’m curious, but I will avoid adding another thing to my plate right now. Or I will end up like Bilbo Baggins, saying I’m like butter that has been scraped over too much bread. :sweat_smile:


I was thinking the exact same. Im spinning enough plates already at the moment.:rofl:


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