Fall MoonCon 2023 - Moon Books Publishing Virtual Event

Moon Books Publishing is holding the second part of its annual event in September! I know many of you here have read books published by Moon Books - the Pagan Portals series is theirs, for example. This year, their lineup looks like this!

  • Moon, Myth, & Magic - Frances Billinghurst
  • Mythology & Spirituality of Trees - Roselle Angwin
  • Lup, Mother of Destiny - Rachel Roberts
  • The Norns - Irisanya Moon
  • Psychopomp/Healing the Dead - Chris Allaun
  • Persephone as Psychopomp - Robin Corak
  • Freya - Morgan Daimler
  • Graveyard Magic - Taren S.
  • Visiting Brigit - Mael Brigde

The event takes place on YouTube, I believe, but they have an event page on Facebook that you can follow for updates!

→ MoonCon 2023 | Autumn Edition - Facebook Event Page


This looks awesome! I know I won’t be able to attend the day of, but if it’s on YouTube hopefully it’ll be possible to watch the videos at a later time :grinning:

These two events in particular sound really interesting- looking forward to them!

Thanks for the heads up, Megan! :heart: :blush:


Yes, this is what happens! All of their older events are still up, too, I believe. They keep them all up! I’m excited for those events, too!


Hooray! I’m looking forward to them :blush: :two_hearts:


I just wanted to remind everyone about this event today! The live videos are over, but the replays are up for everyone to view on Moon Books Publishing’s Facebook page!

→ Moon Books Publishing - Live Videos - Facebook

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I seem to get a 404 when trying to reach that page. Has it been removed? Or do I need to be logged in? I don’t have a Facebook account. :smiling_face_with_tear:


Ohh, you know what, it looks like if you’re not logged in then you will get an error. Let me see if the videos are up on their YouTube channel.

The videos aren’t up on their YouTube channel yet, but I did reach out to them and ask if/when that would be happening. As soon as I get an answer, I’ll let you know!


Thank you! :black_heart: Hopefully they’ll put them on YouTube, too.


I hope so! It would be a real shame if they didn’t.


Thank you, Megan! :pray: There sure were some interesting ones on the schedule- hopefully they upload at least some of them for those of us who couldn’t make it live!


I did receive a response from them! :heart:

[Image Description: A screenshot of a Facebook Message from Moon Books Publishing. The message reads: Hi Megan, yes we are going to add them all over the coming two weeks. We broadcast simultaneously last year but some people didn’t like having nine videos arriving in a day so we decided to spread them out over YouTube."]

So, it looks like they will slowly be adding the videos over to YouTube over the next few days. If you’re subscribed to their channel with notifications on, you should get a notification when that happens :blush:


Hooray! :partying_face:

It looks like they already have an announcement up for the “Moon, Myth & Magic” event. It will premiere on the 18th:

Looking forward to watching it!

Thanks again, Megan :heart: :pray: :blush:


Hooray! :partying_face: They’re finally starting to move them over to YouTube!


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