Familiar …?

Hello everyone! I always like to pick on you brains and have your opinions. So here I go: I have been on the path of the craft for a bit, I started to study and read about it for a while, starting to wrap my head around the many concepts and notions, before actually starting to practice during the last summer. Soon after, getting back home after work, I have noticed a sort of gecko on the wall inside the building I live into. I didn’t only notice the little creature it was more like I felt it, can’t explain it better. Long story short the next day I found it in my kitchen (thought was another one but I’ve never seen one around here before or after) and ever since I can see it around my apartment now and then. I’m not even sure it’s an actual gecko now, as it never attempted climbing any wall since I’ve noticed it around, but it looks like one. As much as I would love to get rid of it and makes me a bit nervous knowing it’s there (but it’s impossible to catch anyways) I remember the feeling I had and I also think about the timing of its appearance. Do you think it’s a sort of spirit guide that manifested itself around at this crucial stage of my path? Or just a weird animal that infiltrated my life? Thank you all in advance. :sparkles:


I’m of the belief that a familiar is a spirit. One you have to work with and connect to. This may be a spirit animal, however. But I would try to capture it and release it safely into the wild. It’ll starve inside unless you’ve got crickets and the like in your house.


I agree with Amethyst here, just based on my own personal beliefs. It could be an animal spirit sent to guide you, yes. I don’t believe familiars are physical creatures, though I know many people who believe otherwise. I think you should definitely try to capture it and remove it safely outside. I have a leopard gecko myself, and I know they won’t survive without crickets, worms, and water.

I think if you personally feel like the animal is a message, a sign, or a guide then that’s what I would go with! Your own intuition will always be a better guide than the rest of us on the internet :sweat_smile:


Thank you for your reply, and yes: I’d love to be able to free both the gecko and my apartment, but I don’t seem to be able to get any close to it.
And on the last part I agree: however my intuition is something I am learning to trust as I go, still doubting if I’m willing to see too much into things or if I am just starting to see things I didn’t read properly before; while what I am looking for in here is just a community I can share my thoughts with, I guess. So I appreciate everyone sharing and replying. :pray:t2:


No worries! Learning to trust intuition can be a really long process but I’m sure you’re doing just fine. If I were in your shoes, I would try to get the gecko out but not worry about it too much. It found its way in there for a reason and if it gets hungry I’m sure it can find something to eat.

Ohhh what you could do is keep a journal of what happens that day, how you feel, and where/if you see the gecko! Maybe that can help you figure out what’s going on and whether or not its spiritual or mundane :blush:


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