Fast Luck Oil Recipe - Inquiry

I am a baby witch and trying to learn as much about the magickal and metaphysical properties of any and all items. I love that most recipes put the reason for using such ingredients to make it easier to either justify adding to my collection or finding an easy replacement with similar qualities.

However, this one and a few others I am interested in don’t say too much about the specific reason for using these ingredients. I have cinnamon, but do not currently have wintergreen oil or vanilla absolute. I would love to add them to my collection, but I don’t see them used too often so want to know their properties.

I’d love suggestions for replacements, but truly just want to learn about each magickal ingredient’s properties.


I’m not sure about Fast Oil, but I do know that Scott Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs is a good place to look up properties, correspondences ingredients, and the like. It’s a handy book for any witch to have.


Warm greetings @SeasonsOfMeech :blush:

I also really appreciate it when spell recipes take the time to include notes about the properties/uses of each ingredient. It is very helpful when coming across a new spell component, or for guidance for beginners!

When making substitutes, it is important to consider which qualities (magickal and/or medicinal) are being used in the spell.

I’ll be looking mostly at the magickal uses of these ingredients- but while they often overlap, in many magickal potions, recipes, and crafts, the magickal and any medicinal properties are often both considered when writing a spell. Studying Green Magick/Herbalism will help you here.

For this spell, we are looking at speed, fast and good luck, good fortune as well as slight aphrodisiac effects. It is in an oil format. It is not for internal use.

Here’s what we have:

Disclaimer: I did not write the Fast Luck Oil Recipe, so the above are just my thoughts after examining the purpose of the spell and the ingredients used

  • Cinnamon: Can use cinnamon oil or cinnamon chips (pieces of cinnamon).

→ Magickal Uses of Cinnamon: Can be found at Cinnamon Magickal Properties


→ Substitute: Not needed.

  • Vanilla Bean Absolute: (Note: an absolute is an extract, it is similar to essential oil). The recipe says you can use a Vanilla Bean instead.

→ Magickal Uses of Vanilla: Vanilla is a common ingredient in love spells, it may have love-enhancing and aphrodisiac effects.

→ Substitute: Vanilla Extract. Other aphrodisiac scents and oils.

  • Wintergreen : Can use wintergreen oil or wintergreen leaves.

→ Magickal Uses of Wintergreen: Ingredient in Tiger Balm- used for soothing, healing, and protection. Also a source of good luck (source)

→ Substitutes: Peppermint (oil, leaves), Basil (oil, leaves)

Hopefully the above can be a helpful template for how to examine spell ingredients and help you make substitutions in the future! :blush:

Good luck and blessed casting :sparkles: