Feeling extremely physically drained

Hi everyone, so i was wondering is there anyone who is feeling physically drained without doing any physically activity or hard work? I feel extremely tired and i slept a lot last night… I have this impending doom feeling as in something bad is coming… Also the vibe of my home is very uncomfortable but there is no direct reason i can see… Could it be something i am sensing something such as in psychic? I don’t know maybe there is something i am missing… I don’t know if it matters but the weather is gloomy and cold but not raining as of yet and it is currently spring here… Any suggestions? Oh and i haven’t done any spell work for a few days so it can’t be that…


Most likely it’s the gloomy weather having an influence on your energy. It rained for a couple of days heavy here and I slept even more than I was with the covid. But personally I say if you are concerned about the vibration of the house/household you could always cleanse the energy with bells or smudge the home. Maybe add some bright yellow flowers and stuff on the altar while listening to some cheery music. I have also noticed that you have been very active with h your practice and that’s normal when we first get started. I’ve been practicing only 10 months now and I’m JUST NOW able to recognize spell exhaustion signs and spe exhaustion can last anywhere from a day or two to a week or two. I know you may have taken a little break for a couple of days as you mentioned however we did just have the full moon last week and the energy from a full moon packs a punch and so it’s quite possible that you were riding the coattails of the goddess and her energy and the signs pointing to spell exhaustion weren’t as easily noticed. So my advice would be take a day or two and refrain fromany magical work unless you feel up to maybe meditation or a spiritual cleansing bath and of course cleansing the house should you feel as if that would clear and residual negativity that May be keeping y’all company. Aside from cleanses or meditation though I’d spend some time doing one of the mundane hobbies that you enjoyed doing before becoming a witch and just focus on giving yourself time to rest and unwind because you’re obviously in need of some R&R or your body would not be sending sleepy signals. I promise you the Divine won’t think any less of your gifts if you take some “me” time. Gotta pay attention to that check engine light your soul is shining cause what is a small thing right now can have big consequences down the road if left ignored.
That’s just my thoughts though. Someone else may have a better answer. Whatever the cause I’ll pray for a quick return for your energy level.:pray:


Thank you for replying @phoenix_dawn , it may be the weather as you mentioned however i am usually so excited and enthusiastic when i comes to the craft and can’t wait to wake up and start my day with it, however, i do have a large family who expects a lot from me even when i do refrain from doing too much in the house on some occasions i think it may also be just the weight of so much responsibilities… You maybe right about the spells actually as i was quite active a few days ago, but i notice now i stopped for a break i feel more drained it strange… I think as you did, i need time to notice certain signs of drainage and although i can recall times when i wasn’t a witch when this happened but in that case it was depression and would happen in a lump and would vary here and there… I think i will take yout advice and meditate a little more however since i am new meditating also takes a bit of work (not to mentions 4 bouncy children and a demanding husband doesn’t help)… It is hard in lockdown as well there isn’t really anywhere i can go for a break asides for some fresh air and a walk which is permitted… Maybe that’s what i need is a nice bath and some fresh air… I will try a few things and hopefully i will feel better… Thanks for taking the time to respond i really appreciate it and even writing this has already brightened my mood :blush: :heartpulse:


For a few days after the full moon, I always feel tired. Don’t know about the feeling of impending doom, that could be just the world today. Maybe listen to some music that will clear negativity from the air? That might help.

Good luck!


The weather, depression and anxiety, and off vibes… all of these things can you sap you of your energy, even if you haven’t been doing a lot of physical work.
The important thing is to set aside a day for “me” time, even if it’s just to go outside for some fresh air or a walk. Don’t force yourself to do any rituals if you’re not feeling up to it. You’re not required to do something everyday or on certain days of the week.


I agree with several people here that have mentioned it could possibly be the weather affecting you. That’s very, very common. I also want to make note that if it persists, I definitely recommend seeing a doctor because those could also be symptoms of other medical issues. Better safe than sorry on that count.

As for other things that could be affecting how you feel, we have a lot of planets in retrograde right now and Mercury goes retrograde tomorrow. I have a podcast episode coming out on the 30th with an astrology forecast for October that my friend writes for me that says we’ve got all these planets in retrograde, things to think about, etc. I’ll put a little bit of a synopsis here for you to look at.

We begin October with the Sun in Libra, where balance, justice, and harmony have been the focus. We also maintain the previous retrogrades of Mercury in Libra, Jupiter in Aquarius, Saturn in Aquarius, Uranus in Taurus, Neptune in Pisces, and Pluto in Capricorn.

@phoenix_dawn brings up a good point that a little cleansing can go a long way as well as focusing on things that make you happy.

As @Amethyst mentioned, sometimes the period of time after the full moon can affect people but that’s definitely on an individual basis.


yes it maybe the full moon… I think the only way i can test that theory is to wait until the next full moon to see if i feel the same a few days later… As for the impending doom i should have made myself more clear and less dramatic lol, but what i mean is i feel something bad is coming my way whether it be a massive life change or something else… Music always helps makes me bubbly… I think a motorbike ride with some ‘rnb’ will help :blush:


Yes that’s good advice… so far when i feel down i do don’t do any rituals since i honestly can’t bring myself to do it… As for me time i’ll see if i can make an excuse to get out for some fresh air since we are so busy here with all the house work kids and such…


Nice i didn’t know you had a podcast i might tune in sometime… as for the weather yes it could be i mean today is sunny and i feel a lot better… I will go to the doctor for a check up when they open back up after lockdown :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey, if you’re feeling doom, it’s something to worry about. If you go for a ride and listen to your music and it’s still there, I’d try meditating on it. Good luck!


Thanks that is good advice :blush:


You’re welcome!