Feeling nauseated

Hello, everyone! Just posting to see whether it’s normal that I’ve been feeling nauseous when I do my candle meditations. It’s been happening the past couple of days, during the meditation, but I am usually better after grounding myself when the meditation is over. I noticed that I feel the most energy on Saturday’s, during my black candle meditations. Does anyone else feel stronger energy on certain days? I noticed I get more done on Mondays as well! Pretty neat to notice little patterns. :blush: But does anyone else feeling nauseous during meditations or is that just me? Wondering why it happens!


Sorry, I don’t know. I tend not to use scented candles, and back burner incense makes me feel ill, so I use normal ones. Have you changed your candles? If it’s just started could you be ill, does it go away after you stop meditations? Maybe keep track of it, and if it continues, see a doctor. I find with me, if the room is stuffy, hot or I’m not hydrated I’ll feel light headed and queezy. Hope it clears up. Hugs and blessings :sparkling_heart:


It is usually very warm in that particular room, so that could be it. I also could do well with drinking more water. Haha. Thank you so much for your thoughts/opinion!


Hi @amandakay,

Sorry to hear about the nausea- I know it’s icky to experience and I can imagine that it’s pretty distracting when you’re trying to meditate!

These are all great points from Tracy- I second all of them! :raised_hands:

Ventilation especially is a key thing to check when burning anything indoors. Maybe try opening a window and seeing if that helps? :window: :leaves:

If grounding resolves the nausea, then perhaps it has something to do with your mind leaving your body during the meditations. Would you say the nausea you are feeling is similar to vertigo?

Ginger is a huge help when it comes to combatting nausea- I use it for nausea related to motion sickness when traveling, menstrual cramps, and sometimes vertigo too. Maybe try sipping some ginger tea or ginger-infused water before you meditate to see if that helps! :ginger: :orange_heart:

That is really neat! It sounds like, nausea aside, your meditations are going well and that you are learning a lot- congrats, Amandakay! I hope you’re able to fix whatever is happening with the icky feeling so that you can continue to enjoy your meditation time :woman_in_lotus_position: :heart:

Blessed be!


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