Feeling very excited and optimistic

Hiya everyone So for a few days i had been contenplating on doing a Money Spell but didn’t seem to have the right amount for the spell (5 notes and 5 coins), so yesterday i decided today is the day, so naturally i went out and made sure i had the right amount (after exchanging it 3 times to get the right amount), and then after checking the spell said to do it on a Thursday. So this morning i did the little spells and according to the spell i was supposed to spend it. I couldn’t think of what to spend the $32 on so i decided to take the chance and get a lottery ticket.
I do not know why, but i feel so excited as in i may even win! Even for chances i don’t i just can feel that some money in hand is coming my way (like selling my car since it is up for sale or even selling our overseas holiday house we have had up for sale for ages).
I will all let you know the end results but i just can’t stop this excited feeling and as in the spell worked. This has never happened to me and i usually go on with my day without another thought…
Asking for light and love to be sent my way and fingers crossed if i win big i have plans to first go help all those unfortunate people we seen overseas on our trip suffering from extreme poverty… :crossed_fingers:


Sending love and light. Something great will come your way, when we give ourselves to help others

The divine always blesses us. Blessed be :sparkling_heart:


Sending love, light, and many wishes for prosperity your way- may your spell manifest some wonderful abundance for you! :pray: :blush: :green_heart:

Blessed be! :sparkles:


Sending good vibes! Something good is sure to come your way!


You’ve got it! :clap: :heart: :sparkling_heart:


Sending you Love :heart: and Light :candle: dear Khadija :hugs: I hope good things come to you!


Thank you everyone @tracyS @BryWisteria @Amethyst @MeganB @marsha , I didn’t win anything however agreeing doing some deep thinking I have realised I have already won! How u may ask? I have my loving family who are all all healthy. What more could I ask for… I think love is priceless and I am so thankful :heart::blush:


That’s a very important reflection and thing to remember :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: you’re right!


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