FERMENTED Green salsa - What do I do with all these green tomatoes?!

I just had my first frost of the year day before yesterday and had to go out and pick all the remainder of my tomatoes :tomato: the day before to ensure they were not ruined/mush. Once the frost hits, tomatoes are virtually useless on the vine.

I chopped up a bunch of them along with a few red ones, added spices and my own red onions and hard neck garlic into the mix, and decided to ferment them into Green & Red tomato salsa! I am not able to pressure can things right now due to my dexterity with the neuropathy, but this was perfect for me!

Below is the link to a great recipe and I’ve included a picture of what I made (they need to ferment for 1-3 weeks before it’s ready to eat). The second picture is my mantle which is home to the rest of the green tomatoes which will ripen in another week or so and be ready to eat or ferment or make Pizza/Pasta/Red tomato sauce with them and then put in baggies and freeze!

If you try it let me know how you like it and enjoy! :tomato:
**Edited to add this link! How to Make Fermented Green & Red Tomato Salsa (Yes! Use Up All Those Tomatoes in a Healthy Way!) — All Posts Healing Harvest Homestead


Omg thank youuuuu! I am having the same issue! I was going to do fried green tomatoes but I can only eat so much myself :rofl:


Ohhkkaayyy so first off :clap: I am IN LOVE with your mantle :drooling_face: :heart_eyes: Living here in Florida we don’t have a need for a fireplace or anything but that is just gorgeous!!

I’m not much of salsa person so I can’t say much for that but I hope your salsa turns out tasty! :tomato:


Awww thanks @MeganB - I feel ya about the mantle, I actually have THREE here in Connecticut — I lived between Marathon, FL and Palm Beach, FL for over 25 years until I moved up here about 6ish years ago and I only had a fireplace in one of my homes, and it was electric start! Ours here in our main dining room (the one you see pictured) actually heats the entire downstairs!

@ValentineMoonBabe yes, you can only eat so many fried green tomatoes for sure lol! I just love this fermented recipe for salsa, btw @MeganB it’s really something you can add mango into or other types of flavors since it’s fermented and even people who don’t like salsa really like this recipe! And it lasts forever! I intend to bring it out at thanksgiving when we host a house full of people and they will eat it up!

Remember you can sneak a few green ones into your red sauce dishes to give it some depth of flavor and make it heartier as well if you purée them!


I’ve thought about putting one in the house we have now but I just can’t bring myself to put in an electric fireplace :rofl: that’s just not okay for me.

And I’ll bookmark the salsa recipe. Maybe I can find something to add to it that will make me enjoy it. To be honest, I don’t eat a lot of salsa anyway :laughing: but maybe someone else in my house will like it or maybe I will find a use for it this winter when we start growing our food.


@MeganB I’ve heard of people doing pickled watermelon, that might be good!

@jan_TheGreenWitch that website the article is from is cool. I subscribed to the newsletter!


I mean…maybe? :sweat_smile: I’ll see what happens!


:joy::joy::joy: I feel ya