Filling the Void Spell: A Post-Shadow Work Operation

The following is from Kate Freuler’s Of Blood & Bones (Amazon), which is one of my go-to books for spells and spell ideas.

After doing shadow work, you may be left with a feeling like something is missing, because you’ve banished old habits and relationships. This leaves behind a hole to be filled with new positive things. This spell is to attract good energy into the space you have emptied of that which you no longer need.

You may not know exactly what you’d like to enter your life, but there’s a good chance it involves some basic generic things, such as love, prosperity, spiritual energy, and good health. You can tweak this spell to be more specific if you like.


  • Jar with a lid
  • Items representing what you want to attract, such as one or all of these: coin for money, heart charm or rose petals for love, pinch of ginger root for health, or a quartz crystal for spirituality
  • Sterile lancet (optional)
  • Honey to fill the jar with sweetness (substitution: any sweet, sticky syrup)
  • Yellow chime candle to burn on top of jar

Gather your items at your altar and cast your circle.

Each item will be empowered one at a time and placed in the jar.

The jar is empty and represents the hole of potential that is currently inside you waiting for new beginnings. Hold the jar against your heart and feel the nothingness inside it, how much space there is for new things in it. Put the jar down and pick up the coin.

Hold the coin in your hand and visualize yourself living with financial stability, with your bills paid and more. See it glow with green light. Place it in the jar.

Hold the heart charm or rose petals in your hand and imagine the type of love you’d like to attract into your life. This can be romantic, familial, friendship, or even self-love. See it glow with pink light. Place it in the jar.

Hold the ginger root and envision your physical self as full of energy, free of illness, and feeling great. See it glow with orange light. Place it in the jar.

Hold the quartz crystal and imagine yourself practicing spirituality in your chosen way. This can be a vision of meditation, spellcasting, or just an altar. See the crystal glow with white light. Place it in the jar.

Using the sterile lancet, add a drop of your blood to the jar (optional).

Visualize the green, pink, orange, and white light mixing together.

Take the container of honey or syrup and think about how sweet and sticky it is. Everything it touches is enrobed in sweetness and held in place by the stickiness. The stickiness is what binds the items and their intentions to you, drawing them into your life.

Pour the honey over the items and fill the jar completely. Put the lid on tightly.

Light the yellow candle and melt some wax onto the lid of the jar.

Use this wax to stick the candle to the top of the jar like a holder.

As the yellow candle burns all the way down, dripping its wax all over the jar, visualize yourself with all these goals, living your best life. Allow the candle to burn out.

Close the circle.

Keep the jar somewhere you will see it each day, as a reminder of what good things can come your way.


@starborn shared this with me when I was feeling low. It was a very nice spell jar to do

This is the jar I made for this spell. It has helped me a lot


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This looks like a very useful and healing spell for post-shadow work. Thank you very much for sharing it, @starborn :pray:

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