Finally making progress on hand made cards

Last night i finally started to pick up the handmade tarot and oracle crd project. I used the mini tarot printable from spells 8 to start creating a tarot learning deck. I have a deck i like to use but the minor arcana other than the court cards only has the number and suit image not anything else n then i forget what means. So i wanted to create a tarot learning deck. Ive wanted to do this for a while n ive got cards cut out to create lenormand, kipper, rune and ogham learning decks too. And my own oracle decks. I made food progress on the tarot one last night so im exxited to continue with that. Ill take photos when ive got a few finished cards to show. They arent fancy but they will be practical to help me learn. Some cards i can remember general meanings but there arw so many variations on meanings i get confused so i decided to learn a set definition that made sense based on original deck and i even will have reversed meaning upside downnon top of image as well as normal meaning right way up under image, the planet or astrological sign, the element, and the chakra. Ive also seen sayings that relate yo major arcana that might add as well. Im starting with the tarot because i really want to learn it well so can use more. And as any deck that is based on the rider waite system should habe same meanings then its a good place to start and then i can better use the deck i like as it has wolves, univorns, dragons and fae for different suits and in imagery for the major arcana. Especially following Fenrir having the wolves in a deck ive connevted to it. I just want to lean meaning better for the cards tbat have images to remind me what means n for cards tgat have images but dont necessatuly remind me of meaning because its different to what im used to seeing innthe traditional deck or in othet tarot decks both the physical one have or the ones on apps. I want to be able to read a spread without having to look up every single meaning n getting confused by all the different definitions out there or key words. But its a start, im excited. Camt wait to have deck finished silo can use n learn n also the other learning decks too. They may not be fancy but as i only had proper lenormand n kipper on an app. I had tiny ones made ages ago but i didnt have learning deck. N they were so smalk hard to shuffle. I want to make proper sized so can physically use those decks n also again want easy quick meanings n keywords for runes n oghams as well. N learn a set meaning so jot getting confused by differing meanings might find around.


I think learning decks are a great idea! I’ve had a project-in-progress for a while now that’s an Ogham deck with keywords on it to help me learn the meanings. It’s taken me longer than I’d like to learn Ogham, and honestly, I think it’s just because I’m not a fan of the tools I have for it right now.

I’m excited to see your progress with these decks when you’re ready to show us! :clap:


Good for you, Phoenix! I’m always so impressed with your divination work- you clearly have a lot of passion for your studies. It sounds like building this deck was a great activity, and I’m sure it’s going to make learning the cards even more fun! :flower_playing_cards: :blush:

Good luck with your divination work and blessed be! :sparkles:


Progress update
Ive just got to add element, colour, crystal and chakra to resy of major arcana then do the minor arcana next… they arent fancy, my writing rushed cause im like im not sure im shaky like sitying still is killing me :rofl: maybe im eager to finish or just know lots to do or got too much nervous energy but as long as i can read it im ok. Next after writing done ill stick tape the edges of printed section so doesn’t get caught on when shuffling.
Its not fancy but its a starter learner deck n got space to add notes n later decide what id want to keep or what find useful should i ever make an updated pack.
I realised if i got too caught up on it looking perfect rather than focus on practicality then i would never start. N i kept key words for both upright n reversed to one or two words cause again ppl have so many variations n list would be too long if included all n id get too confused about all meanings to figure out which one meant. I have room to add to card if feel something relates. So this learning deck is a working learning deck and able to be added to or adjusted as i start using it, but keeping it simple to start so i dont get too caught up in details that i never get anywhere which has been a problem…


Lol got impatiemt n stuck down printed part of cards i had already finished😂 did a quick read to see how it worked n its bit awkard cause only handly of cards. . But worked ok n message was simple. Cant wait to funish n start using rest of cards


Well done. There’s alot in tarot but it’s worth it in the end. I think I would be so lost without my cards. :sparkling_heart:


Sounds like a success to me! :partying_face: And the cards are looking great, Phoenix- may they serve you well :pray: :blush:

Blessed readings!


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