Finally moved in!

Hi guys,

Hope you are all well! Just a quick one to say sorry I haven’t been around much, I’ve been moving house and it’s been taxing :joy:

Delighted to find upon arrival that the previous tenant had a lovely little herb garden already in situ!

Can’t believe I didn’t spot it during the viewing!

Hope you are all well and looking forward to the Solstice :blush::hugs:


Love it! :hugs: what are all the different plants pictured here ?


Oh Gosh!! How lucky you are!! Moving is daunting and to find that herb garden, is a great plus! Congratulations on your new home!

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So we have identified… Lavender (4 bushes! And it’s my fav :purple_heart:) mint, thyme, parsley, curly parsley, a curry plant (excited to try this!) rosemary, a huge sage, French tarragon and basil.

It was a very pleasant surprise!

Just working on my little altar now :heart: we have limited space so have decided on a simple 3 tiered floating shelf so I can put up some important pieces and store the rest in a cabinet until its time to use them. Will post a pic when done :blush:


Thanks @roxanne :grin: so excited to get the last few boxes cleared now!

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Ahhhh enjoy!! Moving can be fun!

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Congratulations on your move!! :partying_face: And that’s a really nice surprise! :herb:

Here’s a spell for your new garden! :dizzy:

Enchanted Garden Blessings

Go outside and walk around in your garden. Find your favorite spot and hold your ands out above the young plants, flowers, and herbs.

Then visualize your loving energy streaming from your hands and down into the plant life.

"A Garden Witch’s magic
begins with the earth,

*Bless these herbs and plants *
with power, health, growth and mirth.

Happy plants do create
enchantment all year long,

May the gods bless my garden
as they hear this song.

By all the powers of the
Earth, the Moon, and Sun,

As I will so shall it be,
and let it harm none".

From: Llewellyn’s 2011 Witches’ Spell-A-Day Almanac

Blessed Be! :pray:


Thank you @Francisco I will do this tomorrow!

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So here’s my little altar for now; I have representations of all the elements, my plant for earth, my candle for fire, my Moon water for water and my palo Santo for air, along with a few of my favourite crystals, my best tarot cards, my coin for Selene and the budda I meditate with.

It’s not much, but I can easily change it up depending on the season or Ritual and I think it looks quite nice and tidy! I have all my other bits stored away close to hand. Feel free to make any suggestions!

Also my new plant needs a name, this is my 12th houseplant and they all have names so feel free to suggest guys! :blush:


The herb garden looks lovely, what a great surprise :blush: :herb:
And I love the shelf you used for your altar. Super stylish!


Looks perfect! I like the idea of having three levels! You could have them represent three aspects, such as Body, Mind, and Spirit… or Past, Present, Future… or any other triplicities you can come up with! :small_red_triangle:

My suggestion of a name for the plant is Juno, because of the Roman goddess who gives name to this month, June!

She was the patron goddess of Rome and also a goddess of love and marriage.


Ohh I love that idea @Francisco :purple_heart: Juno it is!

I love 3s, they follow me around a bit, all my special dates can be broken down to a 3.

So I met my husband on the 12th (1+2=3) we got married on the 30th (3+0=3) he was born on the 3rd, I was born 24th (2+4=6, 6/2=3) and my little girl was the 6th (6/2=3)


I love the number 3! I made a video on many triplicities related to the Triquetra! They are also called “Trichotomies”, and here’s a full list of them.

Also, I thought you might find interest in the traits of Number 3 according to

Personality traits for number 3:

  • Artistic
  • Communicative
  • Curious
  • Jovial
  • Scattered
  • Social
  • Optimistic
  • Naïve
  • Youthful

This is great info, thank you @Francisco :slightly_smiling_face:


Congratulations on your exciting new move, @mrs! :sparkles: I’m sending warm thoughts to your new home and lovely new herb garden! :herb:
That’s wonderful that you’re bringing herbs into the house as well- I would love to know what names you’ve given your plants, I think that’s such a cute idea! Not to mention that giving a name to a living thing is powerful, it will create a closer bond between you and your plants :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you so much @bre_shauna!

I completely agree, I’m sure I take better care of them for it!

I have a spider plant called Gloria, an Aloe called Dave, an umbrella plant called Pedro, a money plant called Simon, a peace lilly called Pheobe, an ivy called… Ivy :joy:, a snake plant called Rosie, a Cheese plant called Brie, 3 mini cactus plants called the 3 blind mice (my daughters idea!) and now the new ivy called Juno :heart:

I have had my aloe and spider plant for 9 years and I love that I can take cuttings and babies off them to re plant and gift to other people :herb::heart:


Hahaha I love all these names, @mrs! I especially got a chuckle out of your Cheese plant called Brie :joy: And the 3 Blind Mice- brilliant! :clap:

That’s awesome that your daughter is involved with your planting projects too, and what a great idea to give the cuttings and babies as gifts! :herb: Aloe season is coming up fast- I’m sure your aloe plants will home in handy with summer sunburns and cooling concoctions! :test_tube: :sparkles: