Financial issues and Shadow Work

I’ve been experiencing difficulties financially for some time now, and it was revealed to me in my meditation and devotionals this morning (and over the past several days) that I am dealing with some deep-seated issues that are causing me to be irresponsible and impulsive with my spending. Several years ago I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder symptoms, and that all lines up.
So as of today I am beginning the course on Spells8 on Shadow Work. I always shied away from Shadow Work before, primarily because I just didn’t understand what it is. But as I’ve continued reading and studying, I now understand that Shadow Work really isn’t an option - it’s something that is pretty much required if one is to understand oneself fully, and clear the pathways to manifestation and magick.
My intention is that not only will I understand and overcome the issues that are causing my financial challenges, but I will also become more powerful and confident in all aspects of my life and practice. An it harm none, so mote it be. :pentacle_tarot:


Now is the perfect time to start doing shadow work, @isobel.tuliptree, I have been needing to do shadow work for a while now… :thinking: but, I have been fearful of what might come up for me, so I’ve avoided working on my issues. Thank you for bringing this topic up, it was just the nudge I needed to get started!
Big hugs :hugs:


I’m glad that in helping myself I’m able to help others, @marsha. Blessed be!


I wish you all the best @isobel.tuliptree It’s worth doing and I find when you fixed one thing, it’s hilights another. Depending how deep the issues go, the only thing I would say is, be in a safe space and if needed find a good friend or councillor to chat to if your shadow work raises anything uncomfortable. I work through mine little by little, then take break and talk through stuff with hubby. Love you and sending hugs. :sparkling_heart::hugs:


@isobel.tuliptree I’m not trying to give medical advice or suggest you go against your Dr (my experience guesses that you’ve probably already done that and it didn’t go well)

First if you’ve found what my provider calls your “Magic Cocktail” please ignore everything I’m about to say.

Again, I am not trying to give any kind of medical advice nor am I telling you to go against what your provider is telling you. I’m only telling you what I have learned through my experience and research suggested by a different kind of service provider.

For years people were misdiagnosed with Borderline until Type II Bipolar was discovered. I had an off the beaten path Dr about 20 years ago that finally figured it out after about 10 years of mental health treatment.

That Dr had the reputation, even in the medical community, as having the bedside manner of a porcupine but a very good Dr. I will never forget and it makes me cry even I thinking of it. He put his hand over mine and said “I WILL help you” He changed my life

I’ve had medical issues as well most of my life and never has one of the many many Drs ever said that. A few times I have said “I know you must hate when patients do research but I found…and I was wondering if that might be relevant” and it was usually may with a sigh and politely listening. I did have one Dr that took into account what I was saying and did a little research.

Sorry for the rambling that really wasn’t help for the situation at hand but what you said is so familiar that I felt compelled to share

Don’t beat yourself up too much for the money that you should have used for something else. It will only make worse.

Nothing to fix the root problem or help you heal but I do have a spell that I can look for after I unpack if you’re interested. I refer to as the “I done messed up spell” It has helped with not only ability to do what needs doing but also with accountability in a palatable way.

It’s basically "I did/this happened and now I don’t have the money for… please help

You are in my prayers. Things will get better

Sending hugs, love and light


So mote it be! :pray: :heart:

I respect you and what you are doing a lot, @isobel.tuliptree- sometimes the hardest person to face is ourselves. Shadow work can be really tough and I would be lying if I said there aren’t times when I shy away and avoid it (even when I know it will be really helpful in the long run!). So good for you- you’ve set a really powerful and positive intention for yourself and I want you to know that I’m cheering for you- you’re doing great, Isobel! :people_hugging: :two_hearts:

Much love and many blessings to you!


Shadow work can be an intense process, especially if you already have previous trauma or mental health concerns. There are even some people who shouldn’t do shadow work themselves, or at the very least, should only do it while also in therapy or supervised by a mental health professional. I’m not sure if that’s you, but I just want to advise you to also work with a therapist (if available to you) for safety’s sake. In my experience, Shadow Work combined with my trauma and depression made for a very rough ride for a while. I just want you to make sure you’re also taking care of yourself :heart:

I’m confident that, with work and patience with yourself, you will achieve this! :pray: :revolving_hearts: It may take time, but you’ve got the support of the coven if and when you need it.

I just wanted to point out this quote and say that I don’t actually believe this for myself. I think Shadow Work can help a person with manifestation and witchcraft, but I don’t think it’s necessary. Just wanted to throw that out there :sweat_smile: