Financial Security Spell

Purpose: To achieve financial Security

Timing - Moon Phase, Day of the week, Time of Day:

November, Sunday, Dawn

Deities:(Select from suggestions or use your chosen deity. I choose one God and one Goddes

  • Lakshmi - Hindu
  • Cernunnos - Celtic
  • Abundantia - Roman
  • Plutus - Greek
  • Tyche - Greek
  • Mercury - Roman
  • Fortuna - Roman
  • Lady
  • Lord

Ingredients and Supplies:(candles, incense, herbs, offerings, crystals)

Altar - Normal altar items you are accustomed to using like bowl of salt, cup of water, images/icons of Lord and lady, and so forth.

Candles Pick 1 or use both: Green Gold
IncenseSelect 1: Pine Ylang-Ylang Patchouli
Crystals Pick 1 or use both: Aventurine Bloodstone
Essential Oils (optional) Pick 1: Basil Rosewood
Tea: Black Or Green
Offerings: Depending upon the Goddess and/or Gods you choose to work with here. For example - Mercury: wine or Incense, Fortuna - coins, Frankincense, nutmeg, vanilla|

Ritual Steps:

Step 1: Brew your tea and bring to altar (unless you have a kitchen altar that you are working at)

Cleanse space, Carve Fehu rune or prosperity sigil into green and/or gold candle, Dress candle with essential oil of choice in carrier oil, Add unlit dressed candle, unlit incense, crystal(s), tea, and offering(s) to altar

Light Illuminator (central candle)

Step 2: Cast your circle in your accustomed manner (I use three times deosil, with wording from Silver Ravenhawk)

Step 3: Call the quarters with your preferred method - light the incense, light the green and/or gold candles.

Step 4: Charge of the Goddess, prayer to Goddess if you are choosing to work with a specific Goddess. For example Fortuna from Emma Kyteller:

Dear Lady Fortuna, goddess of luck and prosperity, I call upon you to bring wealth and abundance into my life. May you grant me financial stability and prosperity, So I can fulfill my dreams and goals. I offer you my sincere gratitude and devotion, And ask for your continued blessings. May your Wheel of Fortune bring good luck and fortune into my life, So I may live a happy and fulfilling life. Blessed be

Step 5: Charge of the God (if working with both a God and a Goddess) and you can include a prayer to a specific chosen God

Example Plutus - to be fair I don’t remember where I picked this up.

Plutus, god who is so fair,

See to it that I receive my proper share.

So Mote it Be.

Step 6: Present offerings however you are accustomed to doing so

Step 7: Pick up tea, stir deosil (clockwise) while saying:

I have financial security.

My bills are paid and I owe no money.

Confident in receiving the abundance I earn

I drink this tea to affirm.

This brew is blessed in the name of our Lord and Lady

So Mote it Be

Drink tea :tea:

You can add a meditation here.

Step 8: Thank your deity(s), thank the quarters, release and extinguish the candles.

Step 9: Release circle widdershins (ccw) with your accustomed method.
Step 10: Clean up and take offerings and any undrunk tea outside to deposit in the earth.


Lovely spell! Thank you for sharing!


A wonderful spell, @Maeve – thank you for sharing it with us!


Thank you for sharing this lovely spell! :pray: :heart: