Finding your pendulum

Greetings! Anyone have any words of wisdom in regards to finding the right pendulum? I have one that I received in a subscription box & went thru a cleansing for it & all the proper steps in getting used to how it answers, how to hold it, how to position myself & get myself in the right frame of mind, etc. but it doesn’t seem to want to speak to me. Is it possibly that it’s not the pendulum for me because someone else chose it & that maybe I should actually look for one that I’m drawn to personally? Any feedback would be a great help-thank you! :eye::candle::crystal_ball:


I received some good advice when a deck wasn’t working with me. I wonder if this would work? So, I kept it with me a bit. I carried it around in my purse, slept near it, I introduced myself to it (per their recommendations), talked with it about what I hoped to learn from it, etc. In a way, kind of befriended it? Anyway, it worked! Maybe this would work with your pendulum? I am just starting pendulum work and I would love to hear what you learn!


@mary25 -Great advice, thank you so much! I’ll definitely try it with the one I have, plus I think I’ll shop around for one that speaks to me! :crystal_ball::broom::candle::owl:


I think shopping around for a new one is a good idea. That way you can be more certain whether it was the pendulum itself or just that you didn’t create a bond with it. Try asking if it agrees to working as a pendulum for you (after you’ve established yes and no).

Make sure you have cleared your mind and are focused while you use the pendulum. They can be very sensitive to internal noise.


I had an idea a few days ago after first reading this post, and Mary’s advice made me remember it. I was thinking about making myself a pendulum but I have this particular crystal that seems to help me with indecisive moments. Is the shape important? I was thinking about having it double as a necklace so I can carry it with me.


@Francisco -Thank you for those words! I’m not quite ready to give up on the one I have, but if one calls to me in a store, I may act upon it!


@Torista - Great suggestion! I read somewhere that you can make your own pendulum with almost anything that’s able to hang. I’m crafty so maybe I’ll fish around in my collection of oddities & such to see if something speaks to me, thanks!


I have a pendulum, it is a clear crystal, round, and can be worn as a necklace.
I wore it as a necklace for about a month before I tried to use it as a pendulum.
I asked the universe and the spirits to speak to me through the pendulum, but before I asked it any serious questions, I asked true and false questions to get its way of speaking to me.
I use my pendulum a lot, especially for when it comes to relationships or the opposite sex.
this is my pendulum

I hope any of this does help at all.

Blessed Be :dizzy:


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