First 6 months of 2021 ✨

So I had a little peak at the first 6 months of 2021…

January- [The Hierophant ]( :prince:

February- [The High Priestess ]( :princess:

March- [2 of Pentacles ]( :yellow_circle:

April- [8 of Cups ]( Reversed- scroll to the end :trophy:

May- [The Hanged Man ]( :upside_down_face:

June- [6 of Wands ]( :sparkles:

Thoughts? :thinking::thought_balloon:


Oh man, I know I’ve done the look at 2020 and I haven’t even looked at it recently. I’m going to have to do a look at the first six months of 2021…hmmm

It’s funny to me that the Hierophant shows up in January like…what tradition are we supposed to be following? What’s he supposed to be teaching us? It’s January after a pandemic :cold_sweat: what else do we need to learn?!


That’s exactly what I thought!! However lately, whenever I do a tarot reading it seems to be a reading for me. So im looking forward to seeing what everyone else pulls up to see if mine differs! Though that’s still no help in figuring out what the lesson is, whether it’s personal or global :sweat_smile:


I don’t know about y’all, but the Heirophant in January reminds me of the tradition of putting in a new President here in the USA. That’s a long-held tradition, one that’s in contention right now.


Ohhhh three major arcana could mean there are some big and important things coming in those months :thinking:. I hope 2021 is a reversal of 2020, and all the bad things that happened this year are flipped around and fixed!

This is a great idea, @mrs- thanks for sharing your 2021 reading! :two_hearts: Exciting to see how these cards will reveal their meanings :blush:


Ohhh good shout @kasie! :blush:


You’re welcome @mrs! I just hope that the fact that its upright means that the tradition isn’t turned on it’s head.


You know what, I never even thought about the inauguration of the new president here in the US. It could be that! And I agree, @kasie hopefully it isn’t a tradition that’s turned on its head.


I think the entire world is going to be watching, so maybe it would be affecting people around the world. I guess we’ll see come January.


Personally I like the start of the year in that spread!

It’s quite balanced: the 2 of pentacles is a card of organization. And in my view it could be talking about two powerful energies coming together. I see that in the Hierophant and the High Priestess (both spiritual figures of authority), sitting next to each other.

Perhaps it’s a time of transition into something different.

And in a visual sense, the bottom part also has some sort of symmetry :yin_yang: 2 sides: Cups = Water (feelings); Wands= Fire (Power), and the man in the center, balancing yet leaning towards the cups, a symbol of love and emotions.