First Magical Meditation

I did my first magical guided meditation last night, and it was amazing. I have never felt so much energy while meditating before. My face & body was tingling! My black candle crackled a couple times so I looked that up after I was finished with the meditation, and apparently that means the spirits are trying to talk to you? Is that true? I felt very good when I was done, physically and mentally. I didn’t know where else to share this, and would love to see what you guys think of my experience.


It’s great that meditation went so well for you! I’m glad. I’ve never had a candle crack on me before, so I don’t know. Hopefully, someone else may know! But way to go on your first magical meditation!


Hello Amanda, I am getting into reading and listening to the signs of the candles now as well. Yes when it crackles or pops it means the spirits are trying to talk to you or that the target is talking about you. You can look to the purpose of the candle and the other actions of the flame to determine which is which.

Source that I use when determining candle readings.


There is nothing like that very first meditation! I remember mine well! It was kind of life altering! Congratulations!!


While there could be environmental causes like dust it other officers in the air recently stirred up, ruling that out I agree with @Heav3n
And I second what @AileyGrey said. Congratulations :black_cat: :dizzy: :unicorn: :sparkles:


Congratulations on your meditation! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :clap: :tada:

Meditation usually has a relaxing effect on me – I’m a very anxious and high-energy person, so that’s not surprising.

I don’t usually use candles during my meditations, nor do I read candle flame meanings for myself. We do have a blog post on Spells8 that talks about candle flame meanings!

Sparking, Popping, or Crackling Flame

If your flame is sparking, it often means an important message is on its way to you. It may be positive or negative, depending on if your flame is bright and steady or small and dim. You’ll want to follow up with another divination session to receive this message.

Candle Flame Meanings: 3 Methods to Start Reading Candles – Spells8

It seems like there may be a message for you. If you have a divination method you normally use, I’d start there!


Thanks @MeganB for sharing the Spells8 info, I thought I saw it on here but forgot where it was because I am soaking in so much information, LOL.


You’re welcome! :candle: I think there are a few posts about candle flames and interpretations around here somewhere… :thinking: there’s a lot to see here!


Hello @amandakay,

Congrats on the successful meditation! :tada: :blush: It’s such a good feeling when it all goes well. May you have many more enjoyable meditations to come! :raised_hands: :woman_in_lotus_position: :heart:

Blessed be and happy meditating!


Thank you so much!


You’re welcome! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Blessed be :sparkles:


Congratulations! It took me a long time to find meditations that made me feel similar to what you described so I understand the excitement :slight_smile: The tingling for me is always a good sign to me as those are the meditations where I feel the most at peace during and after.


How exciting! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

First times are always special, and they often open up other fascinating lines of questioning like with the candle! :sparkling_heart: Personally I’d use a pendulum to ask if there’s a spirit present, and if they want to talk! :blush:


Congratulations. Meditation is so wonderful. Even a minute or 2 can be restorative. Keep it up :people_hugging::heart:


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