First thing i learned

What was the first thing u learned in your journey

(What i actually first learned was “dont conjure what u cant control”. But u get the idea)


LOL that spells can backfire on you…I learned that with my first spell.


Oh noooooooo thats horrible.


Great question, @Mistress_Of_Herbs!

Hmm… I can’t remember if it was the first lesson exactly, but it was certainly something I learned very early on:

Be very specific about positivity with your spellwork. It’s fine to leave some things up to the Universe/the divine, but you should always make a note that results should be wholesome.

Example: I want more money VS I want more money to come in a positive way.

One is fine, but the other might get you stuck with back-breaking overtime or a loan with very bad interest rates :sweat_smile:

Blessed be! :sparkles:


Gosh, it’s been so long since I first got interested in the Craft but I’d say the thing I was surprised with was learning how much of witchcraft is working on yourself and facing your own shadow.


The first thing I learned was cleanse your space.

The second thing I learned is be careful what yiu ask for, you might get it.


Yesssssssss!!! Thats awesome


Wholeheartedly agree. Always work on your shadow self. Dont fear it, embrace it!!!


Oh i love this.


These all such wonderful answers, and excellent starting points for any novice witch, sorry i cant stand the term “baby witch”, as no one is a baby here, even tho u are new to the craft. Embrace all of your power, dont be afraid of it. We all keep learning everyday, that never stops.


The first thing I learned was that a spell is really just a way of putting your intention into the universe… that everything has the potential to be magickal if you want it to be, and that it’s perfectly acceptable to be a witch AND something else (Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, etc.). That was probably the most important lesson… I didn’t have to choose one of the other!


Most definitely yessssssssss to all points. I love this so much.


That’s part of the reason in hold off on doing spells. If my mind isn’t in the right place, I won’t do it. Even if it’s to get protection from someone, I’m always trying to have a positive point of view of them and/or the situation.


I don’t remember the first thing I learned but it was probably something from one of Scott Cunningham’s books since that’s one of the first books I remember reading :laughing:


Hi Christeena, the first thing I learned and it was very important was that Magick needn’t be bad, I didn’t have to kill little animals.
The best thing I’ve learned is that Magick is endless and like love, the more you do, the better it gets.
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Cheers to that, @Love_and_light- sometimes there are aspects of spellwork that are out of our control (like when the Universe has its own plans, or certain deities known for being difficult to appease, etc) but our own mindspace is something we do have control over (even if it is a difficult skill to master!) :brain: :muscle:

I think it takes strong self-awareness, a meditative mindset, and a responsible caster to be able to take a step back from yourself and say “I’m just not in a good mental place for spellwork right now- I’ll come back to this later when I’ve calmed down”.

Which reminds me of an interesting discussion from a while back about casting while in a heightened emotional state- I stick to my response back then, with one exception: I imagine casting with heightened emotions could potentially be okay (or even encouraged!) when it comes to the lawless world of Chaos Magick :tornado:

I’ll stop rambling now, but these are all interesting points to consider! I’m also really enjoying reading everyone’s first learning experiences- there are some really great tips and advice here :blush::pray::heart:


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