First time drinking mugwort and nothing happened

I didn’t take it before I slept like I was planning to. I just drunk it in the day because I was so excited to finally get it after 16 days of waiting. Should I try to take it before I sleep on the same day? (I’m 16, had a moderate dose - 1.5 spoonfuls and had no allergic side effects or any side effects. I also drunk the tea with honey. If that stops it from working)


That can happen :woman_shrugging:t3: I have a friend who drinks an herbal tea with mugwort and a few other herbs. She said it helps her sleep but she doesn’t have any other sort of stories to share about. Since you’re a minor, I don’t feel comfortable sharing any other sources about mugwort myself because it can be dangerous if consumed incorrectly.


You are normally to drink it right right before sleep. The item has chemical properties and anything like that has a time window. Kind of like how anything passes through your system. As I said though I made some strong enough to question your choices in life and it didn’t do anything for me…


Where did you get the mugwort? I would double check that it has the scientific name Artemisia vulgaris which is the type of Artemisia (mugwort) that contains the active ingredient (thujone, an oneirogen) for your purposes.

Also, as Megan stated above, remember that Mugwort is known to have abortive properties in high doses as well as other negative side effects. Always carry out your own research and take at your own risk.


I burn it and pass out :joy: I hope you find a solution for sleep. I drank it as tea and it wiped out me memory lol honestly I don’t remember the effects of the tea.


Thanks, and it is the Artemesia Vulgaris.


Wow :astonished: that sounds real sick,:joy::joy: don’t think I maybe drinking this anytime soon, if I do I might just have it as a mixed tea in very small amounts. I am more for burning :fire: or using it in my spell work.


Everybody is different. I guess it doesn’t take much for me to feel it’s effects! :sweat_smile: Just be careful starting out.