Flickering lights

Hey everyone,

I was just reading the post on the main Spells8 page about the spiritual meaning of flickering lights and wondered if anyone had an spiritual experiences that they were willing to share.

I’ll start…

When I lost my grandfather, i was distraught. I was sitting on my sofa during the night, having got out of bad after being unable to sleep. I lit a candle so that there was a light source but not too much. I then began talking to my grandpa and fell into the trap of asking him to show me he was here and that he was ok (this was before I found my spiritual path so at the time was probably an act of desperation more than a true belief). The candle began flickering quite rapidly soon after. There was also a quick flow of air and it turned the page of an Astronomy (not Astrology - my interest in that had yet to manifest) book that was lying opened on my coffee table. It opened to a page about Venus. This was my sign…my grandpa and I were looking at Venus through my telescope the last time I saw him.

A couple of days later, i woke up in bed during the night becase my bedroom ceiling light was flickering on and off. This was strange enough because the light was off but what was even stranger was that the bulb had blown a week or so before and I hadn’t gotten around to changing it. I had 2 side lamps so just used them instead. For some reason, with the light switch off and a blown bulb, that light flickered for a good 10 seconds befofe it went dark again. Again, i saw this as a sign from my grandpa telling me he was there.

I look forward to hearinf all about your experiences too

Blessed weekend to you all



@Cosmic_Curiosity Wow, that’s amazing. I truly believe we get visits from our family from the other side. My mother was visited by her mum just after she died. Mum told me, that she felt the need to go outside in the night and my grandmother was there, a ghost, sitting on the wall. She wasn’t scared it was a nice experience. I haven’t had flickering lights in the house, but definitely with the candles. The weirdest experience I had was with my old car (I named her Christine in the end, after the film), her lights (inner light and headlights) would start to flicker on and off sometimes, my husband used to work as a mechanic, and after thorough checks couldn’t find a fault, so we just left it. The battery never died🤷. I wasn’t practicing in the craft then, so didn’t know what caused it, so I would just say, I think the cars possessed, but it likes us, so it’s ok. Maybe it was, maybe it was a family member? When I had my first ever psychic reading last year, she said I’ve always got a family member with me.
Thankyou for sharing your experience. Blessed be lovely :heartpulse:


I can’t say I’ve ever had an experience like that, but what a wonderful thing to have that confirmation that your grandfather was around!


I do honestly believe this as well. I have 3 candles on my altar that burn each night and a few weeks ago, the middle one was flickering like crazy while the other 2 were perfectly still. Its while I was sitting processing the loss of my younger brother at the end of June so he was having a wind up in my living room (he was a wind up). I said “enough Callum” and it stopped!


@Cosmic_Curiosity aww, it’s nice that they can still visit. :heartpulse:


@Cosmic_Curiosity, I believe that you know when someone is reaching out from beyond, and it’s very difficult to explain to others how you know, you just do. I recommend this reading from Rebecca Rosen, called “Spirited”. Below is an excerpt from her book and one that applies to your situation:

“It’s easy for Spirit to manipulate electricity because both of these forms of energy vibrate at a higher frequency—they “speak” the same language. Look for lights flickering in the house, lightbulbs blowing out, disturbance with television sets, radios, and computers. Yes, every electrical appliance has the potential of going bonkers from time to time, but when malfunctions happen repeatedly and without any other explanation, it’s safe to bet that Spirit is trying to get your attention.”

I have a weird phobia to unknown spirits presenting themselves to me since childhood when something happened that scared me. However, I have spirit guides and specifically one that I work with that I try to keep all spirit activity flowing through him as the gatekeeper of sorts. I don’t know if others do this but I’ve warded my home and keep all others out. I have land spirits outside, but they are connected with the land and not former souls (to my knowledge). I have a specific routine with my spirit guide and an understanding that the poltergeist flickering electricity thing freaks me out (it does), so we communicate in other ways and specific times. I’m type A so a pop in and spur of the moment interaction is rare by my own design, thankfully.

I believe the book may help you navigate your relationship with your deceased grandfather and others that have passed on beyond the Veil.

Blessed be! Jan


@jan_TheGreenWitch Ooh I’m going to get this book asap.

This is true. Loki taps into my radio, daily. I’ve tried to explain it away as a technical hitch, but it’s daily, and it’s the same station that comes on, and the same program (travel news), and it switches off when the program has ended. It happens when I’m playing a cd, when the radios switched off, and yesterday, I actually asked him direct to put the radio on as I was feeling overwhelmed and wanted him with me, and 5 minutes in, it came on, same station same program, it’s his trademark.

My youngest son is freaked out by this too (he’s 15), this book may help me to try to reassure him that it’s nothing scary going on.
Thanks for this. :sparkling_heart:


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