Forget something when casting a spell inside a circle

I have a question :sweat_smile: What do you do if you forget something after you have cast a circle?

Since I am new I just need to know since I forget a lot… :sweat_smile:

Thanks for your answer(s) and have a continous blessed day :pray:t4: from Norway :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


You can open the circle by creating a doorway, step out, get what you need, then re enter the circle and close the doorway. Use whatever you used to cast the circle to open and shut the door, candle, hand, wand, incense whatever. There may be other ways, but this is the one I learnt. :heartpulse:


Making a doorway is the usual method, as @tracyS mentioned. It’s the most common method that people learn for entering and exiting a circle after it has been cast. Here is some information from the Spells8 Circle Casting FAQ :revolving_hearts:

Can I leave the circle?

This depends entirely on the practitioner or coven. According to Raymond Buckland, “At no time during the working of magick should the Circle be broken. At other times it is possible to leave the Circle and return, though this should always be done with care, and no more than absolutely necessary.”

How to “cut a door” in the circle

Buckland continues: “With athame in hand, standing in the east, make a motion as though cutting across the line of the Circle; first on your right and then on your left. You may then walk out of the Circle, between the lines. If you like, you can imagine that you have cut a gateway or doorway, in the east, through which you pass.

How to Cast a Circle (Wiccan & Non-Wiccan) 3-Step Guide – Spells8

I hope that helps!


I do it all the time! I always seem to forget something. Lol!


You can also imagine your circle surrounding your whole area, so if you forget something you can get it without having to cut a doorway.


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