Forgetting spell

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The lovely Devenne and Tracy have already shared some wonderful advice and suggestions for you when it comes to erasing memories/forgetting - I agree that shadow work could be a good path to explore! :black_heart:

If you haven’t already come across in your journeys around the site, there is a guided course with some shadow work exercises. I’ll leave a link here in case it’s helpful for you:

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If this caused some kind of trauma, I would suggest counseling. Sometimes we don’t realize that watching a TV show can cause trauma. I hope you can get through this. Remember that you’re not alone! :blue_heart::purple_heart::heart::two_hearts::people_hugging:


There used to be a spell for such things. I haven’t seen it in a long while because people started using it in such shallow ways that it didn’t make sense anymore.

There is a reason it shows up all over the place for you. Something wants to be seen and used. Find that one thing and define it as good enough. You’ll have to cleanse it of the rest of the energy related to the whole experience, but there is something there that needs attention. Then express gratitude for the message. It should disappear.


This is my concern, too. You might successfully make yourself forget on a conscious level, but your subconscious will remember. So you will feel the effects of knowing the thing without knowing why you feel such a way.

If knowing this thing makes you feel disturbed, you may “randomly” feel horrifically disturbed but have no idea why you feel that way anymore. And when you’re in that situation, it will become infinitely harder to shadow work your way through it than it is now.


Very well said. As always @starborn

@georgia good idea


The idea of forgetting has always been disturbing to me. After all, it is our memories that make us who we are. If we forget, we are no longer ourselves in some way. Sure, we can grow out of whatever it was we no longer needed, but the ultimate lessons stay with us so we don’t have to repeat history.

This is just my opinion, and everyone is welcome to their own views and self definitions.

That said, there are always things in life we wish we didn’t have to experience or learn from. I do not wish to forget these items just because my ideas don’t mesh: I’d rather learn to flow with others so we can work together in some way. No, I may never meet those who put together the news each day, but I may need the ability to flow in order to survive my next challenge. So the flow itself is one good I take from the negative experiences I would rather forget. There may be other good things to glean. Get creative with what you choose to keep.