Forgot my moon water

So I did it again made moon water and forgot to bring it inside. Would this no longer be moonwater and need no be discarded and start again ?

Suggested uses for it ?


Hi @kira-marie!

Others may disagree, but I personally don’t think it’s a big problem if the sun touches your moon water. Francisco once worded it really well, so I’ll link to his reply on the subject here:

Solar magick is a powerful force like moon magick is- in my eyes, you now have celestial water (charged by the moon and the sun). The properties may be a bit different than that of just moon water, but it is still absolutely useable in spellwork.

If, however, you were hoping to get pure moon water (untouched by the sun) and feel that this batch is ruined- then respect those feelings, as it truly is your intention that matters. If the water you made isn’t right for your planned spellwork, no worries! Feel free to give it to your plants (indoor or outdoor)- I’m sure they will enjoy it :potted_plant: :blush:

Blessed be!


Is it not the energy of Father Sun that is reflected off our Sister Moon? The intention of capturing these energies is the intention. It only depends on the desire you seek. If it is the Ritual you seek then… set an alarm :sweat_smile: :people_hugging:


I’ve accidentally let the sun touch my moon water before and vice versa, but I’d say it’s much stronger and more magickal, now. :smile: