♠ Fortune Telling with Regular Cards

@Francisco Thank you! This website worth a million…


@Francisco Once again thank you! I have started today. I blessed the card by calling upon the great forces then I did 8 cards spread.

I wanted to know if I ll be able to go to US next year and find a scholarship and also get any type of financial help in the future…

7 of spades
3 of clubs
9 of spades
4 of spades
9 of diamonds
3 of diamonds
2 of diamonds
2 of clubs

It said I will find some conflict in my research but I have to show perseverance. It shows good finance stability in the future. I ll have a house ( I hope)… because I did research in this area. It’s all about stability and balance. For my question, it might be a Yes. So I have to keep pushing.