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I have a question on how things go around here. I have noticed that there was a challenge with reading books and I got that book spiral dance that was recommended. I found a lot of e-books for free which was really cool. I learned that there was a tarot class too available.I am learning so much, I was just wondering if there is a guideline to follow for everything like dates for things to look out for so I don’t miss out. For example the challenge, tea time conversation and I’m sure there is more. Can someone help me so I can be more connected for our lessons ect. Is thre any suggestions? Blessed be thanks :blush: Val


Hiya Val!
So we kinda just chat on here non-stop as you can see!
If you click ‘Forum Home’ it should show you the ‘Latest’ topics people have been talking about - other than that you have access to everything we’ve ever talked about ever… which is useful for when you’re doing your own reading/ if similar topics come up again!
As far as structured stuff goes we’re lucky enough to have the incredible @TheTravelWitch creating posts each week to rein us all in :joy:
So we have Merry Meet Mondays with updates for the week
Weekly Challenges - super fun entertainment and learning for the week
and Thursday Tea Time - weekly group meditation, chill and chat in your own time

Any time anyone adds something new to any topic on the forum it should just bump the topic up to the top section of your list on ‘forum home’ though so check back there to stay in the loop :blush:
and of course there’s the Spells8 Home Page, Daily Ritual Page and Lunar Spell to help you stay on track each day and with any sabbats/esbats

I hope that’s kinda helpful and not too rambly :see_no_evil: :heart:


Awsome thank you for all that wonderful information! I got this!! I just want to be more active in discussion! Thanks for all your help. I hope you have a great day! Val
So many goodies!


Welcome, @valeria3! :grin:

I’m so excited that you are so passionate about joining in on the activities and discussions around the forum- hooray! :raised_hands: @LimeBerry shared a great overview of happenings in the forums and on Spells8- yes, we’ve got a long going on here!

To help you get a snapshot of the week, each Monday there is a Merry Meet Monday post that will appear in the forums with upcoming events and important info. A new challenge begins every Wednesday (and wraps up the following Tuesday). You are also warmly invited for the group tea ritual every Thursday.

A book club is in the works and will be starting up soon! :books:

Every day there are a new assortment of posts and replies on various topics- feel free to jump in on any, at any time! :grin: And you are also welcome to create your own posts to share spells, tips, info, and anything on your mind.

Thanks for the question- always feel free to reach out if anything isn’'t clear! Looking forward to joining in on the activities with you this week :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Blessed be!