Found my familiar/ Animal Spirit

So I been studying for a while and wanted to try and see if I can find out what my familiar is through meditation and dreams.

I tried before new year but had to stop due to stress at the time. So on Thursday, I was ready to give things another go. First night didn’t come up with anything but the second night, after meditating and I drifting off to sleep I saw something.

I saw the outline of a dog/ wolf, like you used to see in poor tv signals with the black and white. So I talked to my friends, who are also on their wicca journeys and helped me to confirm that it worked.

I am so happy as it was my first spell since I started this journey and I actually wear a wolf necklace by shear chance.


@AliP3 That’s great! Seems like you already have a connection with wolves :wolf:


How fabulous. Wolves are lovely :sparkling_heart:


Congrats, @AliP3! :tada: Perhaps your spirit animal was boldened by the Full Wolf Moon last week and the time was right for you two to meet :wolf: :blush:

Wishing you and your animal spirit all the best- may they watch over and protect you on your path! :heart:


Oh wow, congratulations! :clap: That’s amazing to hear! :wolf: