Frankincense essential oil

I read somewhere a while back that frankincense oil is good for nerve pain while looking into oils I could use to help my mom with some pain in her back. Well today I have a tooth that has started to cause a lot of pain and given the fact that I can’t take much for the discomfort at the moment and don’t have any clove oil on hand I decided to do a little research. Tooth pain essentially is infection building in one spot putting pressure on the nerve of the tooth so thanks to Google I have learned that frankincense essential oil has antibacterial properties that can help fight bacteria that causes plaque, cavities and gum disease as well as ease the discomfort and is safe to be applied directly to the tooth and gums

You can also use peppermint and lavender as well


Sorry about your tooth pains, @phoenix_dawn- having an aching tooth is the worst :tooth: :confounded:

I know frankincense is commonly used in perfumes, incense, and aromatherapy- its got a delightful smell on top of its magickal properties :blush::sparkles:

That being said, I had never heard of it being safe for internal use (such as in the mouth where it’s easy to ingest). I did a bit of research, but WebMD has very minimal content about it (except for this warning about frankincense possibly interfering with the body’s response to COVID-19).

And Healthline says the following about how to use frankincense:

Frankincense can be used in several ways to treat a variety of conditions. You can take it as a supplement in the form of a capsule or tablet, or use it in skin creams.

It is also available as an essential oil for aromatherapy or topical use. It’s important to dilute this form with a carrier oil before applying it to the skin and to avoid ingesting it.

Full article on Healthline here

Although the same Healthline article does have a section saying that some believe that frankincense can help to maintain oral health when taken as a cheming gum- bit of a mixed signal :thinking:

There was a note that frankinscence is used for various purposes in Ayurvedic traditions, but most of the sites discussing it (such as Banyan Botanicals: DIY with Frankincense) only list aromatherapy and external uses for frankincense.

TLDR: It looks like there are mixed signals about using frankincense internally, so anyone who chooses to use it in the mouth or by ingesting it should do so with caution.

But I second the vote for Peppermint and (culinary) lavender! :raised_hands: These are both herbs with medicinal and magickal healing properties that are generally seemed quite safe for ingestion under normal circumstances :+1:

Sending good thoughts your way, @phoenix_dawn- may your tooth be feeling much better very soon! :pray:

Blessed be :sparkles:


@TheTravelWitch_Bry I suppose it would be at users discretion. The link I landed on said it could be used on acne as well :woman_shrugging:t3: I tried it today and it worked but I ALWAYS just swab it on the needed area with a qtip because I can’t stand the taste of stuff like that to begin with so possibly using the bare minimum it may be ok but long term use would be a huge no I think. It numbed it and the swelling and irritation has gone down and I havent had to use it or any other type of relief since so it’s going in my book :rofl:


Hi @phoenix_dawn
I have used essential oils for 9 years now. I use Clove Oil for a toothache, which also works for an infection.

You must read the directions on the bottle!

There are therapeutic-grade essential oils that you can use internally!
But most oils are for aromatic use only. Please be careful.

Love always,