Frankincense for grounding & protection

Anyone use frankincense oil for grounding? With the energies the past week I had the intuition to start putting a little frankincense oil on bottom of my feet before leaving the house. Not only is it keeping me grounded but keeping away toxic people. Normally, I attract all types of people that would come up to me just to talk but now those same people see me and go the other way. The look on their face is priceless, almost the look of fear like I know their true intentions.


Absolutely. The ancient Greeks agreed that Frankincense pleased the Gods so it was present in many offerings to the Gods and Goddeses.

You can burn Frankincense resin to invite the Hellenic deities into your ritual. And as you probably know, Frankincense and Myrrh were the gift of the Magi to Christ at his birth. They were highly valued at that time, especially for their medicinal healing properties.


I should have known this detail but never did. Learned something new today, thank you :slight_smile:


How is the resin burned? I believe I have a good but but not sure it’s use.


@jim resins are typically burned on an charcoal disc I believe. I don’t have any experience working with gums and resins but I believe you can place a chunk of resin or grind it into a powder and add it to other herbs and flowers with the same properties as the resin you choose and burn them together as an incense on a charcoal disc as a way to release those energies into your magical space


Here is a video which includes adding dried plants for extra power.

This video shows how this method of incense burning can feel so good as part of a ritual compared to simple incense sticks.

Also, resin does not contain other chemicals in its pure form as required to make incense sticks, so are actually better for you and the environment.



Yes, I do! I also use it as an offering to the Goddess, Bastet. When I ask her to partake in a ritual, I rub some on her statue and leave offerings.


Interesting!! Frankincense is one of my favorite oils and incense. I just love the scent. But now, I can try incorporating it for other uses. Thank you!