Free familiars lol

Lol from Chicago to your home hahaha


14 very cold, trusting birds of the dove family: Doves symbolize peace. 14 reduces to 5: action, freedom, need for stimulation. According to a British poem, make a wish.

Pigeons were used to carry messages. Did you get any clues or synchronicity during your trip? This may be a call to act on what you were given.


There always pigeons here over populated there’s always a lot of them on my house and neighbors house

Hard to tell if any messages but I did have an open mind


Is it just me or are they kind of… In the shape of something? Like a bird in flight? Or a person? Or a sigil?

The bird I see. Proportions are of a small species and the position is like a hummingbird about to feed.


@starborn OMG awesome. Birds giving bird signs, if it were Ravens I’d be worried Old One Eye wants my attention :rofl: but pigeons, :thinking: honing pigeons comes to mind, is it Hermes? Mystery.


I’ve looked up pigeons, they’ve got lovely symbolism. Home, loyalty, friendship, family, good luck and take time to connect with nature. Messenger birds too. Interesting :grin:


I wasn’t sure the day would come when I’d have a chance to recommend this one, but here it is! Pigeon Symbolism- there’s actually a lot to explore! :dove: :grinning:


Some people don’t like to call them pigeons because of the negative connotations involved. To these individuals, the bird goes by its older name: rock dove.

My mother used to say that if anything ever happened to the economy, if it were too hard to get food, the pigeons and other prolific creatures would be our “manna from heaven.” This is a good memory for me to have right now with all the threats of no further access to groceries. Thank you for bringing it up.

I remember when I first saw this complex, back in 2007. Pigeons flew around and landed near me. I asked them if this were a safe place to live and was drawn closer to the building. It took a while before I succeeded in moving into an apartment, but I knew this was where I needed to be. It hasn’t failed me, though it did scare me once in a while.


Beautiful story


Thank you :sparkling_heart: