Free Imbolc Class!

Good morning everyone!

I know it’s only November and Imbolg is still a few months away but Orlagh Costello, a teacher at the Irish Pagan School, is holding a free introduction course to Imbolg on November 9th via Brigid’s Forge. I wanted to share the link with you all in case you’d like to attend.

Imbolc in Ireland

I know - it’s November, we’re only over Halloween, Christmas has yet to come and I’m talking about Imbolc. I know. But. I also know that every year, I get people talking in January about how they’d love to do x, y, z but they don’t know where to find the materials or they’re confused about what’s traditionally Irish or what’s not traditional, how to interact with Brigid if this is your first time, or even if you’ve been practicing for a while, but you want to freshen things up a bit as well.


Thank you @megan, I have signed up for the free course and look forward to joining it on the 9th! AWESOME and thanks again!’


You’re very welcome! I’ve taken a few of the free courses from IPS and follow Orlagh’s blog. She’s a wonderful resource and shares her knowledge directly from Irish culture. I’m looking forward to this class!


Thanks so much @MeganB :pray:

I already have a teachable account so I just logged in. I miss Ireland so much, I wanted to stay there forever. :frowning_face: It looks like Orlagh offers 3 free classes: :hugs:

  1. Basic Introduction to Imbolc In Ireland
  2. Brigid in Irish Lore
  3. Brigid’s Prayer as Gaeilge

It sounds like a great site with lots of wonderful resources for those interested in Irish Pagan Traditions- how nice of them to offer a free class (and how nice of you to share it, Megan!) :heart::blush:


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