Full Mood / Blue Mood 8-33-2023

I have been told you should recharge your crystals during a full mood. Should you do this every full mood? I do make Mood Water every full mood because I take a drink every morning with my daily intention.


You can actually charge your crystals with any moon, even a new moon, but a full one might be more powerful. :smile:

Doesn’t have to be every full moon (or any certain moon), but every so often is good enough for charging.


Seconding what starborn said! A full moon is a great time to recharge crystals and tools- it’s the time when the moon is at peak power and can greatly enhance your spellcrafting. That being said, it’s not required to do every month- it really depends on your crystals.

You might take some time to sit with them and check in on their energy. If they feel normal, then great! If any feel stagnant or used up, those are the ones that you might consider charging up again :full_moon_with_face:

Wishing you a blessed Full Blue Moon! :large_blue_circle:


Also here to second what @starborn has said - Full Moons are great for charging objects, but it’s not the only moon phase you can utilize!

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