Full moon in Taurus spread

This morning I took at look at my tarot by the moon guide that I got from Ethony’s email and came across this full moon in Taurus spread I thought I would share with you guys


Thanks for sharing Phoenix! It looks like it’ll be a useful spread. I went and looked for the full post for anyone that wants to look there, too. The image is a bit hard for me to read.

:star: Click Here for the Full Post

I’ll have to keep you all updated if I decide to use this spread for myself!


A lovely spread for the Full Moon! I’ve been looking for ways to practice Tarot over the weekend, so this spread for the Full Moon is greatly appreciated. I’m a Taurus moon myself, so it really is perfect all around! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thanks for sharing it Phoenix! :heart: (and thanks to Megan for the link!)


Thanks for this @phoenix_dawn I’ve been looking for something to do for this special full moon!!