Full Moon Oils & Water

Hello! I was just wondering how long Full Moon Oil & Moon Water lasts? Does the oil have to be remade every full moon?


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I think the oils and waters are going to last as long as you want them to, unless you have added extra stuff to the oils and water. If you’re talking about charged oil or water, that charge is going to stay until you remove it or until it wears off – both options are dependent on you and the environment :blush:


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I second what Megan said: as long as it’s pure moon water (no additives), it wouldn’t expire in the same that perishable food does- no expiration date on moon water (if you ask me)!

That being said, your feelings matter a lot in spellwork- so if you get the sense that it is weakening, you can always recharge it under a future full moon to make sure it is at full strength.

Good luck and blessed spellwork! :sparkles::full_moon_with_face:


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