Full Moon! Scorpio Energies and a Simple Ritual 🌕

The full moon is linked to consummation processes, which is why it is an ideal moment to materialize projects and bring closure to anything that requires it.

In this case, the full moon will be in the sign of Scorpio. The energy of this sign invites us to introspection, emotional balance, and equilibrium between light but also with the darkness that dwells in us.

A Ritual for Tonight’s Magic :sparkles:

1 . Light or spray any of the following scents to reinforce the attributes of the Moon in Scorpio: Aloe, Benzoin, Geranium, Labdanum, Myrrh .

2 . Say the following chant:

“Like the sting of a Scorpion, new strength and power flow all inside me.
I have now the strength and decision to achieve my dreams”.

3 . Light a white candle and pour some wine into your chalice. If you don’t drink wine, use herbal tea or plain water instead.

4 . Find the Full Moon in the sky. Raise your chalice as you look up and say:

“Full Moon over me, fill me with wonder.
You light my path and shine like a thunder.
I thank you for your smile, the one that makes me younger.
May I never thirst, and may I never hunger”.

Drink the contents of your chalice.

Full Moon in Scorpio Meditation

Some themes of the Full Moon in Scorpio are:

  • Power to see beyond the veil of a hidden truth,
  • Power to let go of things,
  • Transmutation of emotional poisons

The psychic and emotional strength of Scorpio is a power both feared and respected. The release of certain emotions can bring the possibility of cleaning and renovation.

Use the symbolism of Full Moon in Scorpio to establish a new intention. This transit is ideal for release and adjustment in these areas:

  • Money, taxes and inheritances
  • Work with hidden aspects of your personality
  • Personal transformation
  • Sex and sacred sexuality
  • Esoteric practices
  • Research and investigation

Crystal Lovers: Activate your Selenite :gem:

This stone received its name from the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene. This selenite meaning is easy to see when it reflects light, often appearing as a rock fallen direct from the moon. Charge it with tonight or tomorrow’s full moon energy.

Make Moon Water in the Full Moon

Moon water is simply water that has been exposed to the moonlight and charged with a Magical intention. The water will embody the properties of that lunar energy and allow us to use it when we want to summon those specific energies in our work. Witches frequently use this water when, for varying reasons, they can’t cast a spell during the ideal moon phase. Instead, they charge regular drinking water with the energy of that moon phase to use it at a later time.

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The energies that emanate from this full moon speak to us of mystery, of the hidden, the Magical. How are you celebrating this Full Moon?