Full moon water and crystals?

Hello all!
Here with yet another question. I worked yesterday and I I work tonight leaving me in quite a dilemma! I can’t set my crystals out for the full moon which I was really hoping to do! :sob:
I was wondering if anyone knows of a blessing or spell I could do with my crystals and moon water to help imbue (May be the wrong word for it but I’m hoping you catch my drift) my crystals with the full moon energy?

Thank you and hope you all have a blessed day!


Aww I’m sorry to hear that you missed the Full Moon! Some people believe that the energy of the full moon stays for three days before and three days after. Others believe differently. In any case, if we’re looking at moon water and crystals, there are a couple things you can do!

  • If your crystals are water-safe, you can always add a few drops of moon water to the crystals as you focus on your intent to bring the energy of the moon to your crystal.

  • If your crystals are not water safe, you can place them around a jar of moon water and do the same thing!


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