Full Wolf Moon Spell 🌕

Hello! Merry Meet! :hibiscus: I hope everyone’s day today is going good! I mean for once, put aside the Mercury Retrograde! :grin: Honestly, my day today has not been that good. Because of my mind getting attacked by intrusive thoughts and vibes after I performed the two rituals in morning! :pensive: Maybe my energy has been drained? Still, once I gathered my head and prepared myself mentally, emotionally and spiritually for this Ritual tonight…I felt energizing! After all, Moon does it right? :full_moon: :sparkles: So I sat down in my sacred space, set up my Altar and headed down the moonlit paths amidst the dense woods, with howls ringing in my ears! :wolf: :sparkles:

This full wolf moon was an amazing experience for me! The sketch of a wolf you see above was made an year ago, just randomly, which came handy in practicing magic tonight!! I also anointed my orange candle with some sunflower oil and visualized my intentions being manifested! Also, I would love to write my intentions here too, as you all can send me your blessings too! :smiling_face:

:full_moon: “Tonight upon this Wolf Moon, I desire to regain my mental clarity and control…”
:full_moon: “Tonight praying upon the Spirit of Wolf, I ask for courage to face life as it is and conquer my negativity and vulnerability!”

So it is Now, So Mote It Be :sparkles: :sparkles:


:pray: :sparkles: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Your ritual is beautiful and I’m glad you found the space and time to be one with the wolves! :wolf:


I have just completed mine too. I didnt have a wolf photo so had to make a little drawing, i wrote my intentions on the back of it. I completed the wold moon spell using an orange candle within my orange fruit candle i made yesterday. I annointed it withba mixture of sandalwood, clary sage and jasmine

I completed the wolf moon tarot. Still trying to decipher that fully. Invoked Auset and we shared some wine too🤣.

All in all a gorgeous little ceremony tonight

Blessed be


Such an enchanting ritual @Cosmic_Curiosity!!! I love your altar set up!! And wow…mixture of sandalwood, clary sage & jasmine!? It must be smelling like heaven!! Great magic-work dear! Blessed be! :sparkles: :sparkling_heart:


Thank you Megan! :kissing_heart: :kissing_heart:


Merry Meet.

I am new here. Thank you everyone for the warm welcomes. I read a lot posts and visit often here, but this is my first time posting anything. I am not even sure I am in the right spot regarding this post, but here goes.

I just finished the Full Wolf Moon Spell. This was an interesting one for me. I am half Irish (mother’s side) and half Native American (father’s side). My maiden name is Littlewolf. I placed a photo of my father dancing at Pow-Wow with his ceremonial “Wolf” on my north alter tonight. I have an alter set up for each element in my “witch room”, an alter representing each element. For North my alter consists of items representing Earth on it, which faces North; south an alter with air elements on it… and so on for each direction/element. Forgive me I digress.

My father has crossed over. I performed the spell and mediated. I felt his energy for a while. It was very comforting. I live in South Florida, there are no hilltops here, however, as I was meditating I was taken somewhere else… where

A Wolf Cries
I hear a sound in the night.
It is a soulful sound, a sad sound. I look outside, and there on the hilltop I see a shape, standing tall, as I look closer I see it is a lone wolf.
I go outside to listen to him talk.
He lifts his head to the sky and howls again.
I think how lucky I am to see him and hear this song of his.
He turns and it is if he is looking at me. Looking into my eyes, right into my very soul.
I feel a shiver run through me as our eyes meet,
for that short time, I see what he cries about.
I see the world as he sees it.

My father:

My North Alter:


This is soooooo magical!!! :sparkles: You really touched my heart with your words! Remember, he is and will always be with you in spirit, even if you don’t realize sometimes! :kissing_heart: Your north altar is just equally majestic!! I love it soo much! :sparkles: Also, I adore these lines,

Blessed Be Iyanifa!! Much love to you :sparkling_heart:


I love the picture of your father and I just wanted to share my respects to you and your father as he crosses. It is a honor to meet you little wolf that was so beautiful it made me cry. I love the poetry and the portrait of your father!


Merry meet! :sparkling_heart: Just posting a pic of my honours to the Full Wolf Moon on its last night, tonight. :full_moon: :wolf: And also, I thought this was a very great chance to make some Moon Water! :sparkles: so one click of that too, I am posting.

Well, the flashing light is my flashlight… :joy:

I also wanted to show the pic of the Full Moon as it was visible from my terrace tonight, thankfully! :smiling_face: (it’s very bad quality tho as I had to zoom in!)


That’s all…thank you soo much for all the love and much love to you all too! :heartpulse:


So beautiful and peaceful, your ritual! :two_hearts:. So it is Now, So Mote it be!


This is a beautiful ritual, Iyanifa :heart: Thank you for sharing it with us, as well as the pictures of your father. I’m sure he’s very proud of you!


I love everyone’s ritual. What fantastic energy we all have as a collective group. I am really happy I found Spells8. I am still learning how to navigate around the forum and where to post. I plan on posting more once I get the hang of the layout.

Thank you everyone for your kind comments on my post. I appreciate your kindness.


Much love to you Smriti. Thank you for taking time to read my post. I am grateful.
I have been on the site a lot but a little reluctant to post. I don’t know why that is.
I think after I learn my way around the forum I will post more. i am afraid of posting in the wrong place. lol. Sounds silly doesn’t it?

I look forward to getting to know you.
Blessed be my friend.


Not a bit silly, Iyanifa! Lol. I too had the same fear of posting in the wrong place a few days ago! Haha! Just explore freely and keep posting without hesitation dear! This is your home and your magical family! We are happy to have you here! Blessed be! :heartpulse:


Aww never be afraid of that or posting! :blush: Besides everyone here being so open and welcoming, the mod team is just the same :heart: we’re here to guide you and help you navigate the forum, and gently enforce the guidelines when necessary – but I think we’re a great bunch of people here, if I do say so myself!

I hope to see you around more in the forum!


I think everyone here is awesome! I am shy. Sometimes it takes me a while to open up, but once I do I will be all over the place. lol. Thank you for your help and kindness.


Hey! Be all over this place! It’s as much yours as it’s everyone else’s!! Love, Blessed Be! :sparkling_heart: