Getting rust out of the bottom of a cauldron

A few weeks ago, I did a cleansing spell on my crystals by placing them in a cauldron of fresh water.
Unfortunately, when I took them out three days later, I noticed that there were rust spots at the bottom! I’ve Googled how to clean rust spots off of cast iron. It suggested letting it soak in vinegar for an hour and then scrubbing the rusty spots away. I did that. The vinegar turned into a rusty color, but no matter how many times I scrubbed it, the rust wouldn’t come off (okay, a little bit did, but, not enough to see much of a difference).
Does anyone have any other suggestions for removing the rust? This was my first cauldron and I’d hate to think I’ve permanently damaged it. :cry:


I you have a metal scouring pad you can scrub the rust out. Dry it and put some vegetable oil on it and place it in a 350 degree oven for about 30 minutes to an hour to reseason it.


This happens to my cast iron pans a lot when other people use them and don’t dry them properly. It’s easily taken care of, though! @Ostara basically said all I was gonna say :laughing: It’s gonna take some elbow grease, but the rust will come out. Then you’ve gotta re-season it, as Ostara mentioned.

How to Remove Rust From Cast Iron | Lodge Cast Iron


It happened to me a few times too, especially when the teenager’s did the dishes. Lol!


Yes! At one point I’m just like…okay enough, stop using my cast iron :rofl:


Personally I use coarse salt on half a potato


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