Hello All!
I’ve been on the awakened path about 11 years & studied all things Hermetic, Esoteric, Theosophical, New Age & New Thought - Eastern philosophy (I love Sadguru) various sacred texts - Christianity & Gnosticism - & the pursuit of enlightenment during that time. Ive been interested in both low & high magick for most of that time & really became an “armchair” magician but was afraid to practice magick without some guidance. I waited many years to commit to this journey as an active, practicing magician as it was important i did it ethnically & safely as possible. I’m also a Neophyte Ceremonial Magician in training with a Hermetic Order. I wish to learn the practice of both low & high magick in order to spiritually ascend & pursue the Great Work - as well as learn to use magick to affect change within our mundane world. I believe in practicing my craft with the highest of ethics. I’m most interested in healing - transformation & blessing all I can with the love of God/Source - the Divine Masculine-& the Goddess - the Divine Feminine. We have many challenges as a family - its been many years of hell if I’m honest. But suffering can be one of the best teacher - it has served me well. My deepest wish is to find something to support & give hope to our very mentally ill son - give him something to live for & prevent him from suicide . But especially to fully face & overcome myself. I thank anyone for taking the time to read my post.

Thank you &
“Blessed Be to you All!!:heart:


Hello @Gingermynx

It’s lovely to meet you, I’m so glad you are here and I’m looking forward to getting to know you better.

If you have any questions just ask. Q&A - The Spells8 Forum There is also an Energy Exchange Circle that might be of interest.

With much love, light, and healing for your son :heart:


Welcome @Gingermynx I’m Siofra from Cape Cod & also a moderator here in the forum. I hope you don’t mind but I added a trigger warning & blurred possible triggering content so the others can choose whether they can read those parts. Also, you can certainly add your request to the Energy Exchange Circle :hugs: May 2022 for healing, positive, love, light, &/or energy from the other members of the coven for a period of time until you wish to be removed from the Energy Exchange.

I am a very intuitive empath & eclectic witch. I follow a path that leans more towards :triquetra: Celtic Paganism/Druidry. I am taking accredited courses to become a certified crystal healer & advanced practitioner. I am currently reading books regarding chakras because that is a part of crystal healing & I would like to understand them more before I start working with them on myself or other people (which would be like family & friends, I can’t imagine doing something I’m this passionate about for money. I’d rather help the people in my life not make them paying customers… I’m different :rofl:)

I actually have the book listed in the :open_book: Spells8 Book Club XVII (Apr 29 - May 27) & I will be entering my review either later tonight or tomorrow. I am now onto my 2nd book regarding the 7 main chakras plus hand chakras.

I also follow astrology :milky_way: , the moon :full_moon:, meditation :woman_in_lotus_position: , tarot, oracle cards, & runes, I work with the Morrigan :raven: & Brighid :fire:, both have Triple Goddess aspects to them of the :triskele: Celtic Pantheon.

What else, I am learning how to release & work with my energy. I have a focus on grounding/centering. (I have found that gardening or working in my yard with the soil releases energy that no longer serves me or negative energy or chaotic energy the best for me.)

I make my own incense when I can & use essential oils & carrier oils/anointing oilsf with candle magic, jar spells, releasing rituals, or just to diffuse throughout my home. I like to make simmer pots too & use Florida Water or Florida Water blends, so some kitchen & green witch aspects with the apothecary I have that is ever-growing.

I work with the elements in my own kind of way but they are there & recently found out that my methods are more of what would be defined as chaos magic… I kind of use written spells as guidelines & do my own thing based on my own feelings/intuition & intentions. I like to make up pouches & carry or wear crystals. (I mostly work with Earth, Fire, & Water. I’m kind of adding them in one at a time as I realize their importance)

I have made pouches for my daughter, now she makes her own & has her own crystal collection, herbs, candles :candle:, incense, cauldron… her first setup is all hand-me-downs from me. Even her 1st altar cloth was my first altar cloth. So now I obviously have to keep it & use it for special occasions. :hugs:

I seem to be in the rambling phase of the month, so I will end it here. I look forward to learning with you more throughout your time here! :infinite_roots:


Hi @Gingermynx! I’m Amethyst from Southern West Virginia. Welcome to the forum! :infinite_roots:

I look forward to seeing what someone with your knowledge can bring to the coven! I hope you can find healing for your family here and I look forward to getting to know you!


Welcome @Gingermynx

Thank you for your heartfelt introduction. I think you’ll find many people here with lots of things in common. I also love Sadhguru because of his inspiring and interesting thoughts.

I wish you all the best in your journey as a seeker along us! Blessed Be


Merry meet!
Im Christina and I’m from New York. Im a mama to 3 beautiful kids.
I am a certified crystal therapist and I have my reiki II. I’m now taking business classes.
It’s great having you here. You’re certainly not alone with having a mentally ill child. I have a 15 year old autistic son who is either depressed and anxious or outgoing and funny. It definitely was not easy raising him!! But, if you ever need anyone to talk to or just listen, please dont hesitate!
Blessed be :cloud::dizzy::pray::dizzy::cloud:


Thank you Marsha for you welcoming & kind words. I am honored to be a part of this & to learn & grow with all of you.

Blessed Be!:heart:


Thank you Francisco for your reply. It’s so lovely to find a place i feel i belong - on this path that can sometimes be hard to find.

Blessed Be :heart:!


Thank you Amethyst for the lovely welcome! I look forward to getting to know all of you here. This is a lovely welcoming community.

Blessed Be❤️


Thank you Christina4 - that’s very kind of you to offer. It warms my heart to be a part of such a lovely welcoming group.

Blessed Be!:heart:


You’re welcome, hon! We’re a welcoming bunch! We love getting to know new people!

Blessed be!


Merry meet @Gingermynx,

Welcome to the forum- it is a blessings to have you here! :blush:

You come from such a wonderfully diverse background, I think it is amazing that you explore so many traditions and areas of spirituality! There are amazing new possibilities to be found by studying various paths- each one adds to your own personal Craft.

If you ever feel the urge to share your wisdom or explore comparisons between the paths, feel free to create a new post in the Witchy Wisdom Category and share your knowledge! You will find that there are many who share your passion for knowledge here- we are all learning and growing together :deciduous_tree: :infinite_roots:

Looking forward to talking with you more soon- Blessed be, Gingermynx! :sparkles:


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