Gluten Free Pumpkin

The pumpkin bread came up in my feed and I was about to share it and then I saw the rest so I had to share the page.

Gluten free pumpkin bread, muffins, dairy free pumpkin pie, even dog treats.

I can’t imagine a pumpkin pie without evaporated milk so I just don’t but this one uses coconut milk which I’ve had good luck with. I figure at the very least it will be yummy.

Before you dismiss the dog treats because they have peanut butter, which has recently appeared on some “No, no puppy” lists, I’ll just say that I used to make peanut butter dog treats from a recipe from a cook book from I think ASPCA and purchased some from a veterinarian. Maybe it’s the amount of peanut butter?

That aside, these all look so yummy I don’t know which to try first

Pumpkin Recipes Archives - Mae's Menu


I love pumpkin, thanks so much for sharing the links @Nixi I might have to try a few of the recipes! :yum: :orange_heart: :hugs: :jack_o_lantern:


I only discovered the joy of pumpkin in recent years. I’m going to have to try all these recipes!

My partner has IBS so this gluten-free list is wonderful. Thank you! :black_heart:


You’re welcome! Don’t shy away from the pumpkin pasta sauce. I haven’t made it yet but I have gotten a boxed pumpkin sauce macaroni and cheese substitute thing for my son a few times and it’s yummy. I can’t wait to make the real thing


Ohh, I can imagine how that would be lovely. :black_heart:

We have this dish, Turli Tava, derived from the Turkish türlü (Wikipedia). It’s very loose on the ingredients.


Sometimes, I get my partner to cut sweet potatoes and pumpkins into little cubes. Then I cook them Turli Tava style, and put them on top of lightly buttered pasta with fetta cheese.

It’s more delicious than it sounds, I promise. :joy:


I have a dish I make that I have to say that too :laughing: but that sounds great


I thought of you as soon as I saw them @marsha


I am celiac. You just made my day big time. Thank you so much! I am gonna try for sho :slight_smile: If you guys have any cool gluten free recipees from your part of the world - i take everything lol


I am as well as I was so excited to find that and I’m so glad there are others that are just as excited


oh my! I thought I was the “lucky” one lol. Hang in there :slight_smile: