Goddess Coventina

So I got the Spells8 email recently and normally I read it and move on. This time, for some reason the goddess Coventina peaked my interest. I read it and felt like I had found a long lost friend.

I follow the Goddess Selene, have since I started my journey but felt like one other called me. Couldn’t place it. Like there was one other that was wanted to help me as well. Felt this way for a while. I won’t stop with Selene, she’s be of great help for me and still is. But I feel that finding Coventina came at the right time too.

She is known for water, where Selene is moon. I feel they compliment each other when it comes to me. I love water, swimming, anything water. I’m a Pisces after all. And love the moon-- I have really found myself following the phases and enjoying anything lunar. I have always given offerings of water or coins, things like that. So to find out Coventina is known for coins and water and the like-- interesting.

Just thought I would post amongst a group that would find it interesting.


Oh this is wonderful thankyou for sharing, I love learning about new gods/goddesses. It sounds like she’s reaching out. What a lovely experience. Hope you enjoy working together :sparkling_heart:


If hearing about a Goddess gives you the sensation of “coming home”, I think that’s a really great sign and definitely something to look into more!

Congrats to you for discovering your connection with Coventina, @Dierna_Nimue_Selene- if you decide to invite Her into your practice, I hope She will share Her love and blessings with you :blue_heart: :blush:

Blessed be!


I think that’s a definite sign that you’re at least drawn to Coventina for the right reasons. I hope you find a lot of information about her in your research! :heart:


Sorry for the late reply, terrible nights sleeping and work, so here I am finally.

I did a tarot card spread for Coventina a couple of days ago. Those experienced with tarot are welcome to add what they see in the spread. I found it interesting-- I shuffle really good before pulling cards and this is the first time ever (since starting doing spreads regularly) that I got 3 knights in a row from a pull.

Here is what I got and the questions I asked for each card.

  1. Does Coventina want to work with me, why does she want to work with me?

  2. How do I best worship/work with her?

  3. What offerings would make her happy from me?


Impulsive, burn out, unfocused, taking credit from others. I feel that is why she is in my life. Not so much that I take credit from others, but more due to the impulsive spending, feeling burned out at times, and unfocused. I think that is why my house is the way it is– burn out from doing so much for so long. So she is here to help me.


Lack of responsibility, perfectionism, boredom, stuckness. I feel that work my best with her is to not have those traits. Or to work on them so she can best help me. Work through the boredom, allow her to help me with that, the stuckness. Allow her to help me flow like water in rivers she is known for. Help me take responsibility for what is mine, so that I am better for it on the other side.


Bringer of ideas, easily persuaded or discouraged, loving and warm, loving adviser.

Open to hearing what those that know tarot interpretations better than I see here.


That’s really interesting that you pulled all Knight cards! Knights are like the messengers of tarot, so no matter what the reading is about, it’s very obvious to me that there’s a message here for you.

I think you’re right on track with your interpretation. The Knight of Swords Reversed and the Knight of Pentacles Reversed sort of work together. The first shows your current state of burnout and overwhelm. I think the second probably shows how that’s affecting your personal and home life, and how the two of you may work together to overcome those things.


that’s what I thought too. I shuffled GOOD too, so when I turned the cards over and saw all Knights I was amazed and excited. And thanks for helping out with the interpretation. That’s my idea that she is letting me know that we will work together to work on things that have been stagnating for a while…cough cough my house…


It’s especially important since you shuffled really well! :heart: I’m glad I could help with the interpretation - I hope you and Coventina work well together :sparkles: