Good Luck Rituals in New Year's Eve 🎇

The New Year brings an opportunity to a fresh start. Here are a few New Year Rituals for Good Luck (mostly folk) that I’ve gathered throughout the years.

The 12 Grapes of Luck :grapes:

Being from South America, I know this one very well: A Spanish tradition that consists of eating a grape with each clock bell strike at midnight of December 31 to welcome the New Year.

The origins of this ritual are debatable but the story says that growers in Alicante had an exceptionally large harvest and found a creative way to sell off their surplus. This tradition is followed by many people in Spain and other Hispanic countries, and the twelve grapes have become synonymous with the New Year.

Some people like to attach symbolism to each grape, so that each grape represents a wish or intention for the new year. Green grapes are preferred because this color can represent health, fertility, and prosperity.

Ritual Attire :womans_clothes:

Some people choose to receive the new year by wearing all-white, and also new clothes. Dressing in fresh clean clothes during the first night of the year indicates that we are prepared for the cycle that begins. Dressing in all-white is a symbolism that represents warding off diseases and attracting good health.

Family wearing white

Another tradition regarding clothes has to do with the color of the underwear you are wearing at midnight during New Year’s eve. This old tradition is very prevalent all over Latin America. Learn more about what each color means here.

Expelling Negative Energies :sparkles:

Another popular tradition is to sweep the house or the front porch at midnight, pushing the dust into the street. This act symbolizes expelling problems and conflicting patterns from home to start a new year with peace of mind.

Broom New Year ritual

Some people prefer to pour water outside, spilling it in front of the house. Water represents emotions and also sorrows and sadness. Splashing or sprinkling water outside the door represents expelling the tears and sorrow, and welcoming only joy and happiness.

Kitchen Magic in the New Year :lemon:

Another way to cleanse our home on New Year’s eve is with citrus fruits like oranges. To increase your luck this December 31st, place four oranges in each corner of the house. Some people use lemons instead. You can put cloves inside the fruit to absorb negative energies.

If you have cinnamon, take a handful of cinnamon powder in your hands. Go to the front porch of your house and blow all the cinnamon on your doorstep while you face towards the house. This symbolic act represents bringing in prosperity and abundance into your home. :house:

Cinnamon powder

As you do it, visualize how all the abundance, fertility, money, is entering your home. After doing it, do not wash your hands, but instead clap it off over your head to bathe you in the abundance.

•• <<────≪•◦ :star: ◦•≫────>> ••

The most important thing in these simple rituals is your intention :pray: Saying prayers, affirmations, or stating intentions is also very useful, as they help remove negative thoughts from your mind, only bringing positive energy.

This New Year’s eve, ask for good things for yourself and for those you love. And have a very Blessed New Year! :sparkler:

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I have never heard of most of these, but they seem like wonderful things to do! I think the only one I wouldn’t do is the new clothes for the new year because I’m trying to be as minimalist and eco-friendly as possible. I don’t see the point in buying new clothes if they aren’t needed. However, I think I will do the cinnamon ritual because that one just calls out to me.

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That’s a good point! In any case, it’s still an opportunity to wear any new clothes that might have been gifted to us during the holiday season.

I’m glad you liked the cinnamon ritual idea! :smiley: It’s also a good excuse to make cinnamon rolls and add some New Year Magick in them.

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Oh, I’ll have to find a keto cinnamon roll recipe! That’s a good idea!