Good spells using clovers?

Good evening to everyone ~ im wondering if anyone can suggest me some spells jar recipes with clovers ? I have a lot of beautiful lush clover in my garden and I’ve been wondering how I could use them , like for some good luck jar / spells
Leave suggestions down below!
Thank you very much ~~
Blessed be :waxing_crescent_moon::full_moon::waning_crescent_moon:


There are many magickal things to do with clovers. After all, they are a sacred symbol that brings good fortune. :four_leaf_clover:

  • Create a charm bag with protective herbs (Garlic, Lavender, Rue, Bay leaf) and add a clover for extra good luck. Bring it with you before an important event, hang it over your bed, or gift it to someone to double your luck!

  • Press it inside your book of shadows or other personal journals to keep them protected.

  • Carry a four-leaf clover in your wallet or purse to attract money.

Rolling in Clover Spell

Here’s a spell I like from the book Wicca and Witchcraft For Dummies by Diane Smith

Spell with clover

“Rolling in clover” is an old expression that refers to living in abundance, with all basic needs comfortably met. This joyous expression is the basis for this sample spell to ensure financial security.

To cast the spell, you may want to cast a circle, invoke or evoke Deity according to your beliefs, and raise power. Don’t forget to take down the circle and Earth the power after the spell is cast.

For this spell, you need to gather or purchase some clover. Clover is a common herb, and different varieties grow wild in many areas. Both fresh or dried forms are fine.

Ideally, you can cast the spell in a field of growing clover. Follow these steps to cast the spell:

  1. Take a few minutes to fully relax.
  2. Pour the clover into your hand or lie down in the field of clover. Begin to chant the spell:
    “My days of struggle are over. My needs are met; my bills are paid, and I am rolling in clover.”
  3. Throw the clover aver you like confetti. If you are in a field of clover, roll around like a child and enjoy the scent of the sweet herb.

Repeat the spell with all the power that you can muster. Visualize yourself living in abundance, free of fear and struggle.

With the empowerment of the spell, take practical steps to move toward financial security in your life.


That’s so exciting that you have such a bounty of clovers, @MidnightVixxen! :four_leaf_clover: And thanks to @Francisco for all the awesome clover spellwork ideas :pray:

I’m taking notes on what to do with clovers too, as when we were out in the garden and found 20 four-leaved clovers!

I love the idea of pressing them and then making little charms to keep in wallets and purses :blush::purse:

May everyone be “rolling in clover” this week! :money_with_wings: :four_leaf_clover:


Holy crap!!! :scream: Thats lucky!!! Wow I’m so excited that you found that many!!! :grin::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover:
May I suggest to put them in tape so they last longer and don’t dry out. That’s what I do anyway.


Wow, 20! I was so happy just to have found one.

I’ve got loads of clover in the back garden so I’m going to give the rolling in clover spell a go. Thanks for this @Francisco


We have so much clover in our front & backyard. We leave it there for the bunnies & chipmunks. Every once in a while I’ll look for a lucky one, but I have never found one of my own. I’m happy that the bunnies have fresh vegetation that they like though.

I could probably collect some for my spellwork/apothecary. You never know when you may need it & it would definitely be when it’s out of season here.


Thanks for the suggestion, @Christina4! I’m sure we have tape around here somewhere- that seems like a good way to preserve them :blush::+1:

I was shocked too, @IrisW! There was one patch of them by the shed where my partner just kept finding one after another. I guess having an eye for the four-leafed ones is a skill- with practice it sounds like anyone can do it. I’m still in training though, I certainly don’t have much luck with it yet :joy: Enjoy the rolling clover spell! :sparkles:

I’m sure the bunnies and chipmunks love your offering of clover, @Siofra :chipmunk: :two_hearts: That sounds like a good plan! If you do decide to harvest some for storage, do you think you’d dry them? I wonder if they’d do well as an indoor plant over the winter? :thinking: Either way, good luck and enjoy your clover! :four_leaf_clover:


This is so amazing @TheTravelWitch I believe this is the closest I will properly get to a LUCKY :four_leaf_clover:clover :blush:. I have never saw a clover in real life and I am not even sure if they grow here :roll_eyes:. Would be so excited if I saw one someday. Feeling so happy for you on your LUCKY :four_leaf_clover:find.


Where I lived in the USA and here in Poland clovers are a very common weed- I think there may be even more clover here than grass! I wish I could send you some, @NickWick, but alas customs restrictions prohibit sending wildlife and plants through the mail :sweat_smile:

But I did some digging, and Gardening Know How has an article about How to Grow Clover Indoors- it looks like it could be a house plant! :house_with_garden: :four_leaf_clover: If you’re able to find seeds at a gardening store, you might be able to grow some clover of your own :blush:

Until then, sending lots of luck, love and blessings from here to you! :four_leaf_clover: :heart:


I would love that so much @TheTravelWitch but I do understand the customs restrictions about wild life. I will however take up that pointer on growing clovers :four_leaf_clover: indoors :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: that’s not a bad idea at all… I wont find clover seeds here, but I shall go hunting online for a few. Will put on my to get list. Thank you for he idea.


No worries at all, @NickWick! I have my fingers crossed that you can find some lovely clover seeds. Wishing you the best with them- may your clovers (and the good luck they bring) thrive for you!

:four_leaf_clover: :two_hearts: :blush:


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