A Positive Tarot Tale 🎴

Greetings to all!

As many of you know, since moving out of the city, my partner and I have been staying with family in the countryside :national_park:

The nature is absolutely stunning here and it’s lovely to have a break from the hectic city life. That being said, it’s not the best place for magick and my Craft is on a hold :stop_sign: .

Poland is a fiercely Christian country- around 87% of the population identifies as Christian. Walking down the street, there are huge religious crosses and small Christian shrines (forgive me if that’s not the right term for them, not sure what else to call them!) at every corner. It reminds me a bit about the Shinto and Buddhist shrines scattered throughout the countryside in Japan :shinto_shrine:

I knew this before coming out here and figured I’d just be taking a break from rituals and spell work during my stay. I still meditate and can do work in the Inner Temple, but I thought that all other magick would have to be put on hold.

So you can imagine my (delighted) surprise when I found out that my partner’s mother- a devout Catholic- loves tarot! :tarot_card: She checks a reader on YouTube every day and thinks the cards are fascinating. I even brought out my deck and we did a reading together- really put my knowledge of tarot and Polish language ability to the test :joy:

It really opened my eyes to how powerful Tarot is. The cards have an attraction and appeal- Tarot reaches beyond borders- religious, language, cultural, and age. It’s more than a divination tool- Tarot is something that brings people together :handshake:

I know there are many Tarot lovers here in the forum, so I just thought I’d share this happy little revelation. The cards have been meaningful to me for a long time, but lately they’ve been taking more and more of a bigger role in my Craft. They really are amazing! :sparkles:

Lots of love and a small taste of the Polish countryside from here to you :butterfly: :

There’s also the 20 four-leaved clovers we (I say “we” but it was really my partner who has a good eye for finding clovers!) found in the garden :four_leaf_clover:

Love, Light, and Blessed be!


That’s an amazing experience! I would have been surprised too!! I’m glad that you connected with her!! And I still can’t get over the clovers …20!!!
That’s a blessing and a great sign!!!


That’s so great you were able to connect with your partner’s Mom that way. Tarot really does appeal to people all over!


That’s lovely to hear :slight_smile:


I’m still in shock too, @Christina4 :laughing: If I had a crafting station and resin, I’d love to make little talisman charms out of them! For now the tape preservation you suggested will do wonderfully :+1: . I hope you’re right that it’s a good sign! :four_leaf_clover:

Thank you @Amethyst and @IrisW! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Ahh connecting over tarot is amazing! :heart_eyes: Anything to do with astrology is bound to go down well too- I’m sure you’ve noticed that horoscopes are super popular in PL :joy:

A bit of subtle kitchen witchery is probably already there- herbal remedies are really common and anyone with a folky background will have something to say about ‘other benefits’ (magical properties :wink:) of herbs and flowers :herb::heart:

If you manage to get a home recipe for Zioła Szwedzkie (Traditional cure-all magic potion) that’d be incredible! My grandma used to make it and used it obsessively :sweat_smile: there’d be cotton balls covered in Zioła Szwedzkie EVERYWHERE.

Ok, I’ll stop ranting :joy: I hope you’re having an awesome time in the beautiful Polish countryside! :kissing_heart:


Oh yeah resin would have worked great!


Aww that’s such a nice moment you two had together :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: tarot definitely touches all people interested, no matter their beliefs.


Even though "Catholicism " is kind of strong in Poland. You have to remember @TheTravelWitch that Poland has its roots on Slavic Witchcraft. And this goes way back the 1800.
There’s no surprise that some people still see the Craft in Poland with drooling eyes. :yum:
I even know a person that is into Slavic Witchery.
Well… not in person though. :grin:


I just asked my partner about it- we’ll have to do some digging around and see what we can find! A cure-all magick potion is definitely something worth looking into :star_struck:

Thanks for the tip and well-wishes, @Limeberry! :heart: Hope you’re doing well! :blush:

Thanks, Megan! Yes- a surprise, but a very nice moment. I agree, Tarot is truly amazing like that! :sparkles:

You are absolutely right, Pedro :+1: There are still small traces of the old pagan ways that can be found around (and much more so in the countryside than in the city), but unfortunately most of the old ways were stamped out by the arrival of Christianity. My partner knows very little about Polish Slavic paganism (like the old Slavic gods)- so much was lost over time :cry:

There has been a resurgence of the old ways in more recent years though, and it’s been exciting to see traces of old Polish traditions in festivals like Kupały Noc (Kupala Night/Midsummer’s Night/Litha). Not to mention the Slavic Paganism that can be found in The Witcher series! :crossed_swords:

That’s really cool that you know someone who enjoys Slavic Witchery, Pedro! :star_struck: It’s a big interest of mine too- a very fascinating culture and tradition to learn about! :heart: