⏲ Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Catch-Up!

@Kasandra that is an interesting endurance test for sure & I am happy that nothing happened to you too! I love the interpretation & I would absolutely have to agree! I know that it seems like we don’t have any dandelions this week!

@Sarall Thank you for sharing your altar setup! I think that 3rd time is the charm! :wink: I love your altar cloth & :heart: :heart: :heart: the vanity that you used to set it up. All of it is gorgeous & works so well together. You did an amazing job on your wand & carving tool. The wood-burning parts look really great.

Thank you both for sharing your entries. Great work! :star_struck:


What an odd dream. I like your interpretation though. As long as you stay grounded you’ll be safe!


Lovely work @Sarall! I really like your altar! Nice setup!


For my first challenge(s), I chose Holistic Magic: A Witch’s Apothecary, as well as Scrub-a-dub, Magick in the Tub. These are two aspects of magic that I’ve been drawn to my entire life, long before I knew anything about Magick.

My Apothecary is growing day by day, much thanks to the potted garden I began early this year. Gardening helps me to feel grounded and useful. It didn’t (doesn’t) come naturally just yet, so I have to do a lot of research in order to keep my precious plants alive! I also love to talk to them and tell them how beautifully they’re growing, or brace them for repotting, ask them how they’re doing, etc. (my 6yo daughter thinks I’m crazy already!)

A few pics of us planting chamomile and more lavender this week:

I harvested some of my plants to make cleansing sage/Rosemary/lavender/rose/cinnamon sticks for my sisters. I found this to be an incredibly calming and joyful practice for me.

Then I used my herbs to make a magical tea for my hubby!

My niece and nephew have terrible eczema, so I decided to try my hand at a Magical Healing Balm.

Vitamin e oil
Frankincense essential oil
Lavender essential oil
Old fashioned oats ground to powder
Virgin Coconut oil
A few drops of my Rosemary infused olive oil.

Here are a few pictures of my scattered little apothecary! I cannot wait to have an altar/cabinet to house all of these when we have our new home. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Rosemary is SOOO beautiful to me but I’ve never known WHY or realized just how versatile it is. I knew it was delicious and i used it whenever I could when cooking, but had no idea it could help with liver detoxification or aid in memory. I had no idea that it could be used for purification (I can’t wait to use it to sprinkle moon water!) or protection (I plan to make a Rosemary salt to place around my home).

Okay, now for my second challenge.
I do ritual baths on the regular. I see now that I’ve always done this, though I didn’t know what to call them. Every day, when I get a little “me time”, (usually during the little one’s nap), I draw a bath to decompress.
This week when I was feeling particularly low, I needed something quick and easy to help me relax.
I followed Spells8’s Spirit Delight bath with Salt and Lavender oil. I repeated 5-8 times “I cleanse myself of my vanity, I cleanse myself of discontent, I release my body of my ego, I fill myself with self respect.” Saying and meditating on this chant was a powerful aid in turning my day around. Watching the water drain my worries away was beautiful.

Now here is the bath I am currently soaking in, just for a little self love.
Lavender oil, Epsom salts, bubble bath, Rosemary, lavender (I like lavender a lot, too, in case that wasn’t obvious), rose petals, and sunflower!

Since finally hopping into this forum, I have practiced more than ever. Everyone has been such an inspiration and support that I find myself WANTING to practice my Craft at every given moment. Life is Magickal!!


Moon Magick is a wonderful choice, @wasantha! :blush: I’m looking forward to hearing about your beautiful moon magick experience! :full_moon: :two_hearts:

Wonderfully done, @Christina4- that’s some beautiful knot magick! :thread: I’m proud of you for jumping into a challenging topic, you emerged victorious! :clap::heart:

Wishing you the best of luck with your Oracle deck readings, @colin :blush: May the cards have much guidance and wisdom about the future to share with you! :crystal_ball:

Beautiful moon magick, @fabian :full_moon: :sparkles: You made the most of the moon energy- congrats to you on delving into gratitude, shadow work, and so much more! :raised_hands: May you start your new astrological year boosted by positive energy :sparkling_heart:

Congrats, @Liisa- that was truly a work of love and dedication making all four oils! You have earned the Master of All Elements title indeed- really great job! :fire::ocean::wind_face: :mountain: :clap:

A beautiful tea blend for the Potion Challenge, and yes- that led in perfectly to some Dream Magick, @Kasandra! :star_struck: It looks like Veaug guided you to a very curious vision- it sounds like you are grounded and strong, despite the powerful challenges striking you lately. Congrats to you! :clap::two_hearts:

Stunning altar, @Sarall- thanks so much for sharing! It is so nice to see your beautiful treasures and sacred area for worship :place_of_worship: :heart: And wow- you are a master crafter indeed! :heart_eyes: Your wand is gorgeous- I love the touch you added with the wood burning :+1: Great job!

Your apothecary sounds absolutely lovely, @sarah29 :herb::hearts: And talking to plants is a wonderful way to forge a bond and help them grow :grin: I see you have some amazing helpers in your garden- may all the seeds you sow flourish this season to yield a bountiful harvest :blush::ear_of_rice: And I am in awe of your ritual bath- absolutely gorgeous! :bathtub: Thank you so much for sharing, and great job!


My personal entry to the Wizardry of Words Challenge:

I’ve been watching videos lately in preparation for the upcoming Sabbat Litha and dipped a bit into Slavic pagan traditions. Here in Poland, Litha/Midsummer/Summer Soltice is called Kupały Noc (“Kupala Night”).

There are many legends and folklore around Midsummer Night in Poland, including one about finding a magick wish-granting fern :herb: There’s a lot, so I’ll save it for a full information post closer to Litha! :grin:

This weekend, I took inspiration from learning about Kupala Night and mixed it with a tune in my head to build words to a song :musical_note:

Kupala Night
by Bryanna

O’er the rolling fields and hills,
bonfires come alight.
Sun a-setting, flowers a-bloom,
it’s time for Kupala Night.

Into the forests we’ll dance and cheer
with crowns of green and ribbons bright,
to find the fern and grant our wish-
alive with the magic tonight!

A Midsummer’s dream, or so it would seem-
A dance for Kupala Night.
A dance for Kupala Night.
A dance for Kupala Night!

I’ve got the tune and everything- but alas! I haven’t had a piano in about 8 years :musical_keyboard: :sweat_smile: I’m hoping that someday I’ll be able to play it out and make a little recording. When that day comes, I’ll share it here for anyone interested! :headphones: :blush:


It’s friendly reminder time!

:exclamation: This challenge will close TOMORROW :exclamation:

If you would like to participate and haven’t done so already, please post about your challenge experience(s) by the deadline: Tomorrow: June 1st, 7:00 AM CET (Central European Time Zone)

Blessed be! :timer_clock: :heart:


I’m please do share it here!!! That would be awesome!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


This morning I’ve completed the second part of my catch up challenge for :skull: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE- The Veil Between Worlds and I’ve posted a separate thread:

Quite an intense experience…


Oh I’ve come back just in time for a catch-up challenge? Hopefully I can get something written up by tomorrow :sweat_smile: If not, then oh well! I’ll just wait until next time. I loved reading through everyone’s entries :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I am going to do a waning gibbous banishing spell to remove all negativity :waning_gibbous_moon:
to complete my witchy challenge :full_moon: Moon Magick

This is my first time casting a spell :crystal_ball: I am so excited :slightly_smiling_face:


This was a very beautiful set up for your altar @Sarall :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: really creative you did a great job.


You are a very creative witch I see @sarah29 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: one that is full of taste. I am really loving the healing balms that you made from those lovely plant babies of your.

That bath looks so magickal :dizzy:It is very relaxing for me as well when I did this bath so i can definitely relate to how you felt :hugs: all of your challenges ar so encouraging and it was happy to know that you enjoyed these challenges.

It definitely is!! :dizzy:


There were a few challenges that I didn’t get the chance to part take in but wanted to. One of which was the potion making challenge :yum: a link to this challenge is below…

I wanted to do a potion cocktail since the climate here is really ridiculous :flushed:. I have however decided to make a moisturizing hair spray made mostly from water base instead. Here are the ingredients I will be using in the picture provided.

I usually spray or moisturize my hair with moon :crescent_moon: water :droplet: each morning before added additional hair creams and since I used the last of what I had remaining, I have decided to refill my little spray bottle but add a twist of something to it :grin:

Potion Ingredient

Moon Water (90%)
3 rose buds
3 jasmine
3 drops orange essential oil
1 drop of honey

After adding all ingredients you shake well and leave to sit for three days at least be fore use. Will be using this hair spray along with my hair Chant :hugs:

Blessed Be💫


What lovely pictures! Your kids are especially cute! Good work on the challenges.

That was beautiful! I hope you’re able to put it to music someday. Good job!

Good luck then! Once you’ve done it, you won’t want to stop! LOL!

That sounds like it would smell so lovely! I hope it works well for you!


Your hair potion sounds so nourishing and lovely! May I ask what your hair chant is? I want to try this!


Sure I will be glad to share :hugs: have one of my own but use this one that I found on Pinterest so much more often. It goes like this…

Stretch it,
Twist it
Watch it grow
Like a river let it flow,
Three (3×) fast shall my hair grow
This is my will, so shall it be


I love this. Thank you for sharing!!! Pic of your hair, please! :rofl::star_struck::heart_eyes:


Ok so I have decided to do a second catch up challenge. I have decided to do an abundance spell for the this week since I am interested in letting abundance in using a money chant. It’s a few days pass the full moon so I think I should still be good to absorb some of it’s full energy.

For this challenge I did a simple money chant spell for abundance for my online business. In my country we accept a few different currency here so I have used a combination of the currency. Below is a pic for this challenge.

Source: Pinterest

I do know that using a green candle would be the best option but I have decided to go for a white candle due to my intentions at this moment.

Items used
White Candle
Mixed currencies
Bay Leaf
Lavender Incense

After saying my chant I allowed the candle and incense to completely burn out.


I will discard of any remainings to the earth. Keeping a positive mind towards my intentions will make good things manifest.

Blessed Be💫


Ohhh :rofl::rofl: I cut it all off, a year ago it was too much :sweat::sweat: for me to manage. I cut around 14" of hair off.It is short now about 2-3 inches long. My mother is so still upset with me for doing that :joy:. I guess she will get over it. So sorry.