Grandma Phebe - story

I just remembered a story Mom told me about her mother . She was a kind, long suffering woman, really the sole provider for her 6 kids. Grandpa worked but considered his paycheck was his alone.
Grandma’s mother died in pregnancy that ended badly (with she and her babe dying,)leaving her 2 kids needing care. The widower husband agreed to let the girl go. So my Gr.Grandma raised my Grandma & her brother stayed with the father. (Don’t worry about the husband, he remarried and had 15 more children.)
Grandma inherited a small dirt farm when her guardian died.
Gram was a local legend, well liked in a terrible time, a mountain woman. She knew the land and the land provided. A garden, a cow and a bunch of chickens? Considering it was the great depression, her children never went hungry.
The community considered them poor but she was rich with love and kindness.
This story, took place in the woods, Grandma was picking berries when she heard some soft “chuffing”. She kept going down the line of berries and came to an area where a big black bear was also eating berries. It raised its big old head and starred at her. She never panicked, but just slowly retraced her steps, still picking berries. The bear watched her and then went back to eating. Fortunately animals loved her.
Courageous and tenacious, I wish I’d known her better. She was my hero.


Thanks for sharing this story!! Seems like you have nice family :relaxed::two_hearts:

But wow :astonished: that’s a lot of kids to care for!!! I thought 4 were tough!!!


Heck, when you have 16 kids, they raise each other.


I guess so. My dad came from a big family with 9 siblings. He is the oldest male but he helped raise them! He was forced to leave school at a young age to help with his siblings and then work on the farm. He is a great man!!! The only one I trust!!


Your grandma sounds like such a loving and in tune soul! Thank you for sharing a bit of her story with us


Wow. She was brave!


Your Grandma sounds like an amazing woman who knew the secrets to life and happiness- a true legend indeed! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Thanks for sharing this story, Garnet. I would have loved to have had the pleasure of meeting your Grandma! :heart: