Gratitude - Enough For Me!

So, my weekly challenge coincided with an assignment from my art therapist & I decided to combine the two for one lovely activity! Here is my “gratitude tree” watercolor! As you can see, the trunk are all things I’m grateful for, and the branches are things I get to do BECAUSE of the things I’m grateful for:

Before I painted, I got comfortable, burned some copal resin (my preferred incense these days!) & had some meditation time! I used a random gratitude meditation on YouTube & enjoyed it. It put me in a mindset of looking outside the box for things I’m grateful for. Things I may overlook when I’m having a bad day or feeling sorry for myself!

Another thing I’m going to get back to… at the start of Covid, I wrote in my journal daily. I would start with a quote for the day, and then list 5 things I’m grateful for. Then I would either write about my day or write based on the quote I chose. At some point I bought a guided journal on positivity & let my other journal fall into neglect. I wrote in it today when I got home from work & I’m making it a priority again! It makes such a HUGE difference when you start your day on a positive note & right now, I need that little boost!


This is gorgeous @haley :deciduous_tree: :heart:
I especially love the colours you’ve used for the sky… it looks so dreamy :heart_eyes:


This is wonderful!!

I think that’s a great idea for a panting/gratitude exercise so props both to you and your therapist!! :+1:

I love how “Art” is at the very base of the tree!! And I love the color palette too! Great job! :art:


That’s gorgeous! I can only make C trees. And it has a good purpose. Well done!


So pretty :heart_eyes: I love it. I love that you have your cat and the moon in there :cat::full_moon::heart_eyes:


I love how creative your mind is! You’re such an inspiration! Thank you for sharing your creative side and your entry for the challenge.


This is so beautiful, @haley!!! :heart_eyes::framed_picture::deciduous_tree: Your creativity and talent really shine through in this piece- it came out so lovely :two_hearts: I really like how the branches of the trees begin as scribbled lines that eventually bloom out into words- what a fun idea! :star_struck: And journaling too- wonderful! Keep at it with those lovely positive notes in your journal- it’s a great practice.

Thank you so much for sharing- your artwork is a delight! :heart: