Great Conjunction - BIG event

I’m sure by now you have all heard or seen talk about the great conjunction. It is an astrology event - a very rare alignment and it’s happening on Winter Solstice. Prior to Dec 21, a Solar Eclipse happened on December 14th – which also has added to this energy.

The Solar Eclipse opens a portal to brand new beginnings and the Great Conjunction a few days later will amplify this portal energy.

It’s allowing streams of high frequency energies to reach the planet.

In astrology, a conjunction is formed when two or more planets line up exactly. When they line up, their vibrations blend and work together. A Great Conjunction happens when Jupiter and Saturn align.

For the last 200 years, Jupiter and Saturn have been aligning predominantly in earth signs, but this year, on December 21st, 2020, Jupiter and Saturn will align in the air sign of Aquarius. This conjunction is special because it’s in Aquarius, the sign of social change, humanitarian efforts, and justice for all.

Jupiter and Saturn will also be aligning at zero degrees of Aquarius, which is an extra significant degree of the zodiac.
Zero represents infinite potential and holds the energy of limitless possibilities.

“[In the Age of Aquarius,] the power is turning over to the individual, and giving the freedom for you to choose your own reality based on what aligns with your soul.” —Adama Sesay, astrologer

A Great Conjunction represents a time for you to release old habits in order to make way for doing things differently. If you aren’t open to change, it can feel uncomfortable. But if you are, you can make incredible progress toward dreams you’ve held onto for a long time, that seemed to have become stagnant.

Do you have a big goal that has been calling to you for awhile? Spend some time thinking about that and in 2021 work towards that goal. This will be great energy to work a professional achievements too. (Like careers)

Whatever you decide, it’s great energy for growth, and great energy to ensure a strong and solid foundation which will aid in long -lasting results.


Silver Bear,
Yes we can Manifest CHANGE! Silver Bear I actually have been feeling like I can make a change! This energy is required for me! This has been really difficult! It can be done


This is so exciting! The Great Conjunction feels like a promise for better things to come- especially in the areas of social changes, humanitarian efforts, and justice :pray:

I will definitely be taking some time for deep goal-analyzing meditations as we move into both the new year and the age of Aquarius. Thanks, @Silverbear! :heart::aquarius:


Now, don’t get the idea that I’m a Christian but when it comes to celestial events; this is significant and it was predicted in 70CE. Significant celestial events after that just add to it.
The fact that Jupiter remained between the legs and belly of the Constellation virgo for the typical length of human gestation blows me away. Now it’s in Conjunction with Saturn. Planets like to move around, a lot.
I think it portends something terrible that will work out in the end after a lot of pain and suffering.
So just check this out.