Green Witchery - Prep for Imbolc/Spring

For those interested in foraging, I recommend the following tools that can be used for gathering herbs and plants (responsibly of course).

The Celtic pocket knife is beautiful, small, and very comfortable and secure to hold:

Link to where you can get yours:

Original Gift-Knife -The Ram - Hand Forged Knife - Sports- Hand Made Genuine Leather Case- Hardened Blade - By Toferner Beautiful Product

Also recommend the following bees waxed foraging bag that snaps onto a belt for collecting herbs/flowers, etc.:

Here’s a link for the bag:

Foraging Bag,Mushroom Foraging Bag Waxed Canvas Tinder Waterproof Small Leather Pouch Hunting Bag Fanny Pack for Dog Training Bushcraft Belt

While I’m taking advantage of this restful midwinter time, I am very much looking forward to celebrating Imbolc and the coming of Spring.

I hope you all find this product recommendation helpful :slight_smile:


@Satu_TheGreenWitch Thanks for the links! I love that Ram knife being an Aries myself. Thanks for sharing! :shamrock:


Your pictures look so magical! I love the spiral on the sheath

Thanks for the recommendations!


Cool knife!! I was just looking up books on foraging and also was looking at that Encyclopedia of Spells on Amazon. I see you have that in the background. Did you like the book?


Ohhhhh that is such a great little bag! :purse::sparkles: Thank you for the recommendations, @Satu_TheGreenWitch- it’s nice of you to share your pictures and fun finds! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hi @christine13 :slight_smile:

I like the book as a historical reference more than a practical reference. The author takes care to caveat that the spells contained within the book were gathered from multiple religions/countries/timeframes, so most of the recipes call for items that would be very difficult to get. That stated, it is a fascinating book if you want to see some interesting and historical spell craft and ingredients.

Here’s an interesting example:

Insomnia Lice Spell:

Many dream and sleep spells are romantic, but not all. A medieval spell that allegedly encourages sleep relies upon an infestation of lice, which might perhaps explain the insomnia in the first place…
1. Obtain a louse from the insomniac’s head.
2. Induce it to crawl into a bone with a hole.
3. Plug up the hole.
4. Hang the imprisoned bug around the patient’s neck.


Thanks for the info. Yeah, I read the reviews on it so I was kinda reluctant to order it. Now I know I won’t. Lol


I love the ram knife!! That’s different!


A very… interesting spell indeed! :beetle: :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

I think it is really cool that the author collected spells from such diverse sources, but looking at the lice spell, it does sound like more of a curiosity and perhaps historical read rather than a working spellbook. That being said, there’s nothing wrong at all with reading for curiosity’s sake! :books::blush:

Thanks for sharing, Kate! :heart:


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